Kyle Bridgeman

Kyle began his career at an accounting firm; however, his true passion was to pursue a career in the technology industry. His career in the industry started at a small technology company, which eventually forged his path to Nutanix. Kyle started at Nutanix when there were only 80 employees about seven years ago.

Kyle remembers the days when all Nutanix employees worked on one single building floor. The culture was centered around the values of community and family. Kyle recognizes that it is virtually impossible to maintain the “startup” environment through mass growth. However, Kyle emphasized that without a doubt Nutanix is still staying true to its core values of Hungry, Humble and Honest, with Heart.

Kyle believes that Nutanix has very humble leaders. There are endless opportunities to have a relationship with and work with executives. The leaders here are not “above” other employees. He states, “Dheeraj has a way with names. He always remembers your name and something about you. Where else can you experience such community-driven leadership at a company of this scale? The kind of leadership where you’re not afraid to make conversation in the lunch line?”

The accounting team’s goal is to hire the best person for the job when searching for candidates. This involves searching for candidates with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds that suit the needs of the role and also enable the candidates to contribute to the goals of the greater organization. The accounting team has historically been a diverse team, and their goal is to “maintain the ship.”

As Nutanix grows, the culture will shift and change. With a transparent CEO like Dheeraj, Kyle believes that the sky is the limit for Nutanix. “There is no cap for where we can go. By maintaining humbleness, we can scale and succeed,” he states.

When it comes to fostering more diversity in the technology industry, Kyle feels that it is best to stay away “blinders of judgment” that come from focusing on names and faces rather than skills and potential. At Nutanix, there are many personalities that co-mingle together. This truly allows for a “think outside the box” culture.