Tasmanian Service Provider Builds a More Agile, Customer Focused Organization

Combined Nutanix and HPE Solution Delivers Dependable, Improved Performance


Service Provider


  • Deployed hyperconverged infrastructure with all flash storage to accelerate
  • Built a flexible foundation to deploy new service offerings to market quickly to stay ahead of competitors 
  • Centralized network management on a single dashboard to offer fast visibility into customer environments 


Nutanix Enterprise Cloud


Techquity has a long, proud history as a Tasmanian IT company that delivers consistently superior services to customers. This managed service provider is constantly evaluating its technology to ensure that it can deliver the best possible experience. When its legacy three-tier architecture began showing its age, Techquity migrated to Nutanix Enterprise Cloud running on an advanced HPE platform. “Having software-based storage on our Nutanix/HPE solution has driven an immense performance increase that provided major benefits for us. We had used flash on our previous infrastructure but having flash storage local to the host has really improved performance across the board, on all platforms, for all our customers,” said Matt Cripps, Managing Director at Techquity. 

When it comes time to renew our hardware, we plan to take a close look at employing Nutanix to support our DR initiatives.

Matt Cripps, Managing Director, Techquity


Techquity offers hosted server offerings as well as other managed services to customers in healthcare and other fast-growing industries. To ensure that it is consistently supporting customers with the most advanced technology, Techquity upgrades its infrastructure every three years. On the most recent upgrade cycle, the provider saw an opportunity to not only accelerate performance but consolidate storage onto a more manageable hyperconverged infrastructure. “We want to stay relevant as an MSP, employing the latest technology to compete effectively with the rest of the market,” said Cripps. 


Techquity examined several different options and chose a hyperconverged infrastructure solution based on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, running on the HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Servers platform. The Nutanix solution offers a full-stack solution to support a variety of customers. Techquity paired the Nutanix software with HPE hardware because of its ability to provide excellent performance and all-flash storage, backed by localized vendor support. “We have a long-standing business relationship with HPE, so it’s great to know that if any hardware issues arise, we have access to their local engineers and account managers for support,” said Cripps. 

After taking the time to carefully align the software and hardware, Techquity deployed the combined solution in just a few days. “We have five HPE hosts, running a few hundred VMs,” said Cripps. The platform supports about 50 different customers, providing support for everything from SQL database back-ends to Exchange servers to hosted healthcare applications and remote desktop clients.” 


Techquity’s IT staff of 20 participated in Nutanix training and webinars, and soon became comfortable managing the new solution. Administrators have found that its consolidated management environment gives them fast access to the information they need to ensure that customers are enjoying optimal performance. “The dashboard has been useful to provide a quick overview of the status of all our environments,” said Cripps. “It makes it easy for an administrator log in, get a quick overview of what needs to happen, then get back to work.” 

The combined Nutanix and HPE solution is also helping Techquity strengthen its position in the marketplace. “Running Nutanix on HPE provides a real competitive edge for our organization,” said Cripps. “Since we put this solution in, at least one of our local competitors has deployed a similar solution. They saw that it gave us an advantage, and that we were producing more than they could on their infrastructure. It definitely helps keep us a step ahead in our ability to serve the market.” 


Techquity is rapidly migrating new customers to its hyperconverged infrastructure and is already considering ways to expand its capabilities as part of its next refresh cycle. The provider’s IT team is considering employing integrated backup and disaster recovery (DR) to provide further protection for the environment.