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Oracle on AHV

Oracle on AHV

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud provides a complete datacenter infrastructure solution for Oracle databases, eliminating the complexities and inefficiencies of traditional multitier datacenter environments. Whether you are virtualizing critical Oracle databases or running them on bare metal, Nutanix solutions bring the predictable performance, scalability, and cost benefits of web-scale architecture to your transactional and analytical Oracle database environments. Moreover, with AHV, the native Nutanix hypervisor, virtualization is a feature of the infrastructure stack, rather than a standalone product that needs to be bought, managed, and deployed separately.

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  • Low latency and predictable performance, so DBAs can start small and then linearly and nondisruptively scale both performance and capacity as needs grow.
  • The ability to handle a wide range of database workload types, including transactional, analytical, or a mix of the two on the same platform.
  • Datacenter infrastructure deployment within hours, resulting in faster time to production.

By removing the complexity of constantly managing and optimizing the underlying compute and storage architecture, Nutanix frees DBAs and infrastructure administrators to focus on higher value tasks, such as application enhancements and accelerating time to production.

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