Simplify Digital Workplaces with Nutanix Frame and Amazon Web Services

Simplify Digital Workplaces with Nutanix Xi Frame and Amazon Web Services

Solution Overview

Frame is a cloud-based Desktop as a Service that is quick and easy to deploy. It integrates seamlessly with your AWS account and your choice of identity and storage providers to run any app from basic office tools to rich 3D graphics apps.

Frame simplifies the secure management and delivery of Windows apps and desktops to your users, regardless of where they work and what device they use. Turn Windows apps into Web apps by streaming them to any browser from the cloud with Frame.  

How it works

The simplest way to deliver virtual desktops

Any app

Integrate with dozens of apps and services - even access your existing files and identity services that you already know and use.

Any browser

User and admin access from any browser and any device. No client software. No plugins. No java. No flash.

Any device

Frame lets you access your apps on any device and from any location. Start a project at work, wrap it up from home. It’s that easy.

Any region

Scale around the world on AWS infrastructure choosing one of 20 available Amazon regions globally. 

How Multiview Financial Software Went SaaS in 72 hours

Nutanix Frame and Amazon Web Services helped Multiview deliver Windows applications to end users in the cloud - eliminating all money, time and resource concerns.

How Multiview Financial Software Went SaaS in 72 hours

The main benefit for me is the accessibility, the fact that I can work at home and accomplish the same tasks. We’re based in Denver, and we get a lot of snow, but now that I can use Multiview remotely, I don’t need to worry about falling behind when I’m stuck at home. As soon as we started using Multiview in the cloud, we immediately noticed that access to financial data was significantly faster.

Julie Mensik, Mile Hi Manager of Business Integration


Nutanix Frame Achieves AWS Digital Workplace Competency Status
By Carsten Puls

Frame Test Drive

Take Frame for a test drive on AWS now, from any device, in any region, securely.