Sachin Chheda

After being in the tech industry for over 20 years and working with startups, Sachin Chheda began to form a picture of what makes for a successful business: a balance of great people, innovative technology and clear execution. Nutanix’s clear articulation of leveling up all three areas in the infrastructure space is what first attracted Sachin to join the team. Sachin joined us over five years ago and has been instrumental in taking Nutanix to the next level.

Vision and Dedication

Arriving at the time of Nutanix’s fifth anniversary, Sachin saw the potential for growth and a path for longevity within an industry saturated with startups. While the lifespan of many startups quickly ends in an acquisition, Sachin saw that Nutanix had built a runway for lasting growth and development. Sachin and his team are responsible for identifying growth opportunities within the company and the industry as a whole. “[It’s] actually pretty exciting,” Sachin explains. “You don’t get that often in your career.”

Diversity and Team Building

Through the process of building out two teams for Products and Solutions Marketing and Solutions and Verticals Marketing, Sachin learned the importance of hiring diverse candidates and taking time to really get to know people during the onboarding process. When Sachin interviews candidates, he not only looks for talent, experience and aptitude, but he also seeks out candidates who are empathetic and can be effective communicators that work well on a team.

Sachin encourages others in the tech industry to change the conversation on diversity in hiring. “Diversity brings groundbreaking ideas to life. To be honest, if we were to call diversity a quota in a report, we would fail in achieving our goal.” The secret to Sachin’s success with his teams is being able to find talented individuals and nurturing them. This process is a function of the “intrinsic DNA of the company.” Most innovation comes from people with different points of view and life experiences at the same table.

Sachin takes the time to make sure newly hired team members are set up for success, ensuring that onboarding is not an afterthought. “I make it a point to get to know people, network, connect and ensure that everyone is successful as a function of the human capital that we have.” Sachin emphasizes the importance of listening to people and empowering them. He challenges the older “top-down” culture of “This is what I delegated to you. Get it done. Period.”

Investing in Relationships

Sachin focuses on developing and nurturing relationships. “In a large company, it would always be a business transaction: ‘What do you want to be successful in the next quarter?’ But here, it’s a little bit more personal: ‘How are things going? Is anything that is bothering you? How can I help you?’” This investment in long-term relationships and a client’s success has been a stark contrast from other companies’ focus on product.

“Some of the things that we’re doing here are new and unique. They haven’t been done in the industry before.” These new and unique developments require new and unique approaches, and Sachin encourages collaboration and brainstorming. Solutions aren’t found in a vacuum; instead, Sachin explains, “It has to be done as a collective exercise where you’re bringing the best and the brightest together. Or you’re letting other people be soundboards for you and your ideas. Or you’re figuring out ways to unlock the right connections and resources.”

Many tech companies get caught up on product or program details. Sachin brings the focus back to the people and relationships that can weather algorithm and software updates for decades to come.