The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Gives Radana Bhaskara Finance a Competitive Edge


Radana Bhaskara Finance is a multifinance company, established in 1972, and headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company, registered and supervised by OJK, provides leasing services, investment working and capital financing, multifinancing, as well as Syaria and other feebased financing.


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Radana’s legacy system was not able to keep up with the company’s rapid growth due to increasingly higher maintenance and operational costs, as well as limited storage capacity. They wanted a system that can scale, simple operations and maintenance, as well as lower TCO.


Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform NX-1000 Series


  • Higher performance and better scalability
  • Smaller data system footprint; more environmentally friendly
  • Reduced TCO
  • Simplified management, operations, and maintenance


Prior to 2017, the Radana Finance head office was relying on a legacy datacenter system with limited storage expandability and high total cost of ownership (TCO). “Our multifinancing business relies on IT. As we acquired more customers and deployed new services, the legacy system was not able to keep up due to increasingly higher cost of maintenance, operational costs, as well as limited storage capacity. We required a more powerful technology, that could flexibly scale with the rapid growth of our business while being much simpler to maintain, and could drastically reduce TCO.”


After a presentation by Nutanix Indonesia, Radana Finance chose the Nutanix NX-1065-G5 and NX-1065S-G5 appliances. Rudi Apriyanto, Radana Finance IT Division Head, admitted that they were concerned about setting up and integrating the new system, as well as upgrading their network to 10 Gb. “Thankfully, with the great assistance from Nutanix’s experts, the deployment of the new hyperconverged solution went smoothly, and now it’s up and running. This was our biggest new technology implementation to date.” said Rudi Apriyanto, Division Head of IT, Radana Finance.


Higher Performance, Lower Footprint and TCO

Apriyanto noticed several benefits from the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, including improved application performance, operational efficiencies from consumer-grade design, and reduced costs and environmental impact from the smaller footprint. “Thanks to the new hyperconverged solution, our VDI is running at peak performance. We are able to maintain two blocks, one of which is utilized to hold our apps and DB for product, UAT, and development purposes. Besides being much simpler, making it easier to maintain and more flexible for various workloads, the new system is also more environmentally friendly, thanks to the power saving features, and lower overall power usage compared to the legacy system.”


The entire process went very smoothly, from planning and implementation in 2016, to deployment in 2017, which took only one month. The project was completed within the target time frame and budget limits, and, most importantly, the outcome fulfilled the company’s expectations.The project earned second place from QCC and also was listed in the MIP Award at Mahadasha Group.


Apriyanto remains happy with the implementation. “We will definitely work with Nutanix again in the future, whether for adding new nodes, or should the need to upgrade any Nutanix server arises. The lower TCO is definitely what we need, and the flexibility offered is giving us greater peace of mind, knowing that the system can scale and grow together with our business needs.”

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Mr. Rudi Apriyanto, Head of IT Division, Radana Finance