INET Entrusts Nutanix Enterprise Cloud to Enhance its ICT Infrastructure


Internet Thailand Public Co., Ltd. (INET), Thailand’s leading ICT Infrastructure service provider, offers solutions, applications, consultation, and network design and installation for all industries. INET’s vision is to become a trustworthy ICT infrastructure and communication service provider offering international standard quality assurances via Full Internet Access for Business and Business Solutions such as Internet Data Center, Cloud Services, EDC Network Services, and Software Services.


ICT and Communication Service Provider


Providing new services to conform rapidly to customer requirementsImprove users’ good experiences and customer satisfactionEnhance advantages in competition and prepare to cope with transformation to digital era


  • Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS running AHV
  • Enterprise Applications including Microsoft SQL Server, SAP ERP, Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop and others
  • General server virtualization, web apps and file servers


  • Accelerate new services launch by as much as 30%
  • Improved income and profitability from new service by as much as 20%
  • Improved return of investment from INET NX Cloud by approximately 30%
  • Lower overall cost by as much as 40%


Mrs. Morakot Kulthamyothin, Managing Director of Internet Thailand (INET), the Nutanix X-Powered Service Provider, makes the point that the digital world is changing rapidly and continuously. Organizations and individuals are facing challenges and must be able to overcome them. Improved awareness of digital circumstances have led to increased requirements from customers, leading to more challenges for providers including INET. To cope with these challenges, INET is currently seeking a complete solution for customers and creating competitive advantages. INET must provide new services on its cloud system to support marketing activities while reducing costs to the extent possible in order to cope with the international public cloud market and compete with other domestic cloud service providers.

INET is using both ICT and communication innovation as tools to create new business opportunities for customers that will conform to the various requirements in every industry with the aim of eliminating the challenges customers have been facing for a long time. These include infrastructure complexity that causes high demand and requires IT technicians to manage and operate the services. INET therefore needs an infrastructure solution that will improve service standards, for instance, the system operation period and operation efficiency, and ensure good customer experience. It must also be able to reduce copyright assets, create an easy-to-access system, and provide customers with quality services.


INET needs an ICT Infrastructure Solution that is able to support an organizational workload application and provide such cloud services as general server virtualization, database as a service using MicrosoftSOL Server, and business applications for CRM, ERP, SCM, and HRM. This must also operate with the application and desktop virtualization as a service with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, and a Private Cloud Management System such as VMware, Microsoft and OpenStack as well as various containers for testing and software development purpose (DevOps).

INET runs software infrastructure Linux, Windows, SAP Business One, web app and file services on over 50 Nutanix nodes and provides round-the-clock technical service support. The Nutanix solution has proved that its architecture is easier to access than their previous one, which depended on hardware capability. Furthermore, the Nutanix solution includes a native hypervisor that help reduce various license fees such as the virtualization license.

INET has installed six of Nutanix clusters at its three headquarters – Bangkok Thai Tower, Thai Summit Tower, and IDC 3 (Saraburi Province). Every Nutanix solution uses AHV and operates as INET NX Cloud infrastructure to support public cloud service, private cloud service, and desktop as a service.


Mr. Wanchai Vach-shewadumrong, Deputy Managing Director of Internet Thailand Public Company Limited said: “The Nutanix solution has brought us more success than we expected. With simple operation and ready-installed hypervisors, the solution lets us provide services and manage various challenges more effectively. We have improved our service standard and rapidly increased new services for our customers in order to access services faster. The solution can be installed and ready to operate, with minimum technical knowledge needed, within 2 days. The customers system can be monitored solely from one dashboard, and as a result, customers are very satisfied. This solution can also reduce the cost for obtaining other solutions. Moreover, the hyperconverged architecture will also enhance application efficiency, and most importantly, by using the Nutanix solution, we can save on license fees”.

Compared with INET’s previous infrastructure, one year of experience with Nutanix solution has shown it can reduce hardware costs by 40-50% and overall cost by 30-40%. Income from the new services operating under INET NX Cloud Service has increased by 20%, while compensation for further investment under INET NX Cloud Service stands at approximately 30%. INET can also launch new services 20-30% faster than before.


INET’s use of Nutanix and its Nutanix X-Powered INET NX Cloud covering public cloud service, private cloud service management, and Video as a service have received good feedback, INET is now considering adopting Nutanix CALM in order to advance its Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) further down the line.

Determination to provide great service while maintaining the Good Governance principle led INET to receive an award and continuous standard qualification certifications, among them, the Thailand Infrastructure as a Service Provider of the Year 2016 from Frost & Sullivan and ISO 22301:2012 certification on Business Continuous Management including cloud services on Internet Data Center 1 and Internet Data Center 2.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS Software is a strong infrastructure that propels us to success faster in creating technological innovations that provide new business opportunities to the customers. We provide satisfaction to our customers through new state-of-the-art services and products that support business in the digital era and prepare for the changes in the future.

Mrs. Morakot Kulthamyothin – Managing Director Internet Thailand Public Company Limited