Far Eastern Apparel Gains Agility with Nutanix




  • Scale instantaneously to support business growth
  • Quick time to market in just 2 hours as compared to 3-4 days for legacy 3-tier system
  • Simplified IT complexity with PRISM single pane of glass management
  • Cost savings in VMware licensing and support. A reduction of at least $20,000 USD in annual OPEX


Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform

  • Acropolis Software
  • Built-in hypervisor, AHV
  • PRISM management plane


  • Microsoft Enterprise applications including SQL Server and Microsoft exchange
  • Manufacturing enterprise applications
  • Financial accounting applications
  • Supply chain and data warehouse management applications
  • Skype for business


With more than 15,000 employees in Vietnam, Far Eastern Apparel (FEA) Vietnam specializes in the sourcing and manufacturing of garments for many well-known brands worldwide. The FEA Group is headquartered in Taiwan with more than 300 subsidiaries across several business fields in textile and construction material manufacturing, retail, transportation, finance, hospitality, communications, petrochemical etc.

A sudden influx of high volume orders showed FEA the limitations of their existing 3-tier legacy infrastructure. In order to support business volume, the traditional method created a bottleneck of 3-4 days, but now with Nutanix, FEA is ready in just 2 hours.

Nutanix has simplified the complexity of the IT infrastructure for a very lean IT team of just 4 people. Transition from 3-tier architecture was seamless and worry-free. With Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), FEA’s infrastructure team no longer have to hunt for troubleshoot errors as PRISM provides clarity with visible health signals across all systems in one single pane of glass.

The experience was a far cry from the old times, as infrastructure silos in storage, computing and virtualization and networking made it difficult for the team to manage. This means that the infrastructure team can achieve more in less time and with focus on business-critical tasks.

Besides immeasurable savings in process and efficiency, Nutanix’s built-in AHV hypervisor has enabled FEA to save at least $20,000 USD every year in VMware licensing costs. 

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud and AHV empower us to scale almost instantly to support our fast-growing business. We scored in speed and gained even more in cost savings and efficiency within our IT team. Going forward, we intend to partner with Nutanix to expand our cluster and deploy a disaster recovery site.

Max Minh, Senior Chief of IT, Far Eastern Apparel Vietnam