About Nutanix

Corporate Social Responsibility

We care for the communities where we live and work.

Igniting Social Innovation

Our vision is to make a positive impact on the world by lending our voice, time, product and funds to help solve complex social problems.

We Measure Success One Life at a Time

Our goal is to touch a million lives by the end of 2022. See what we're doing to make our goal a reality.

Partnering for Greater Impact

We support strategic organizations to make a bigger impact on communities.

Nutanix works with Girls in Tech to support their events, hackathons , global online classroom and align our employees with their mentoring program.

Nutanix works with Ignite to help fund and support their initiatives to help spark girls’ excitement about technology careers and inspire them to new possibilities

Nutanix has supported TechGirlz and leveraged their curriculum in workshops our employees have presented to local middle school GAINS girls.

Nutanix has aligned our Night Out on Nutanix initiative with UNICEF USA to help provide lifesaving nutrition to children. Nutanix also helped provide education supplies via UNICEF USA’s School in a Box inspired gift program.

Focus on Diversity

We believe everyone benefits from the variety of perspectives that comes from a diverse and inclusive work environment so we are proud to help nurture people’s passion about technology and support their advancement in STEM fields.

Leading by Example

Nutanix leaders share their experiences and advice with Girls in Tech members.

Nutanix CEO/Founder Dheeraj Pandey Shares His Experience

Dheeraj thoughtfully answers question for upcoming women entrepreneurs and future tech leaders as part of the Girls in Tech new video mentoring initiative.

Nutanix CIO Wendy Pfeiffer Shares Words of Encouragement

Wendy shares her experiences with up and coming entrepreneurs and future tech leaders as part of the Girls in Tech new video mentoring initiative.

Nutanix Chief of Staff Rukmini Sivaraman Offers Advice To Those Starting Their Tech Careers

Rukmini Sivaraman encourages young to find their passion, embrace change to be ahead of the curve, and ask for help.

Nutanix Senior Director of Quality Engineering Sangeeta Relan Shares Her Personal Philosophies

Sangeeta Relan discusses how her advancement didn’t happen until she stepped out of her comfort zone and challenged herself to continually learn and deliver more than her job demanded.

Nutanix Principal PMM Maryam Sanglaju Shares Her Career Journey

Maryam Sanglaju talks about the importance of inner strength as she learned to adapt and excel in new environments and cultures growing up and navigating through her career.

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