Predictive Health & Support Automation

Redefine your support experience with actionable infrastructure health, availability and performance discoveries. Nutanix Insights simplifies and streamlines the optimization of your infrastructure.

Nutanix Insights uses Pulse metrics to discover configuration gaps and optimization possibilities on clusters, automating when possible the resolution process for bridging the end-to-end gaps, without manual intervention.

  • A new health view provides a unified cross-site, cluster and geography view into the health of your Nutanix cloud infrastructure.
  • Software discoveries provide a simple way to understand any software & firmware version lifecycle or compatibility gaps, including End-of-Life (EOL) software, or incompatible BIOS firmware versions.
  • Discoveries are based on a wealth of Nutanix infrastructure support knowledge, including published Field Advisories, Security Advisories and Knowledge Base articles.
  • Proactive Monitoring helps predict hardware degradation, such as node or disk degradation and high resource utilization situations.
  • Differentiate between discoveries best served by the customer versus those best served by Nutanix Support. Automation can then create a support case, collect and upload all relevant logs and diagnostic data from the correct time period, and assign a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE).
Nutanix Product UI of Dashboard

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