Big Data

Unleash your data with Nutanix Solutions for Splunk

Focus on data analytics and insights, not the infrastructure. Nutanix provides simplicity, stability, and scalability for Splunk deployments. Do more of what your business needs. Answer business critical questions, make data-driven decisions, and take confident actions.

Virtualizing Splunk on Nutanix

Leverage a single high-density platform for Splunk Enterprise, VM hosting, and application delivery. Get expert recommendations for the design, optimization, and scaling of Splunk deployments on Nutanix.

Master your data services

Integrate your data services and optimize your Splunk investment

Nutanix data services simplify provisioning and management while increasing utilization. Data locality and intelligent tiering ensure optimum performance without constant tuning, while eliminating the need to architect and manage separate storage for Splunk data.

Enable 1-Click Splunk Deployment and Management

Simplify and accelerate Splunk deployments using Nutanix Calm blueprints. Deploy consistently excellent and repeatable Splunk environments in minutes and manage with the Nutanix 1-Click experience.

Increase Security Without Adding Silos

Deploy Splunk securely on a Nutanix cluster with other workloads and avoid the need for a separate silo of infrastructure. Nutanix systems are certified across a broad set of evaluation programs to ensure compliance with the strictest security standards.

Increase your Splunk ROI with Nutanix Objects

Lower TCO

Cut total cost of ownership by as much as 50%.

Affordable, Scalable Storage Services

Nutanix Objects is certified to run Splunk SmartStore.

Reduce Your Footprint

Slash your footprint by up to 4x with HCI and capacity optimizations such as compression, deduplication, and erasure coding.

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See how the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud can drive Splunk along with your other business-critical workloads.