Big Data

Deliver high performance and simple management for Big Data

Get the agility of cloud and the control of on-prem for your Big Data applications like Splunk, Cloudera, NoSQL, and Hadoop. 

The Definitive Guide to Big Data

To get into Big Data, you need infrastructure that allows you to start small for proofs of concept and scale with the growth of your datasets and ingest rates. Infrastructure should also be flexible so you can switch workloads as needed. See how the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud provides an ideal platform from which to add Big Data initiatives to your enterprise workloads—without siloing data or adding complexity to your IT management.

Modernize Your Approach to Big Data

Big data applications like Splunk, Cloudera, MongoDB, elastic, and others are pushing the performance and scalability limits of traditional infrastructures. Bare metal deployments become a management nightmare at scale. Nutanix dramatically simplifies infrastructure management with high performance, virtualized deployments, built-in automation, and one-click operations—which frees data scientists, security teams, and line of business to focus on extracting value from data.

Deliver App-centric Automation

Deliver App-centric Automation

Simplify and accelerate Big Data deployments with easily repeatable application deployment blueprints. Nutanix Calm provides comprehensive app-centric automation capabilities that take seamless hybrid cloud Big Data infrastructure management to another level entirely.

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The Nutanix Advantage for Big Data

Easy Management

Simple to use, Prism delivers a single management interface for the entire compute, storage, networking, and virtualization  infrastructure.

High Performance

Deliver up to 3x the performance in only 25% of the space needed for 3-tier solutions, at 100,000s of events/second.

Efficient Infrastructure

Consolidate different Big Data deployments and other enterprise applications on a single platform with a smaller footprint and power and cooling requirements.

One-click Simplicity

Reduce complex IT tasks, like non-disruptive upgrades, to a single click, freeing teams to work on other value-add projects.

Stay Available

Built-in data protection, disaster recovery, self-healing, and redundancy capabilities keep your Big Data workloads protected and up and running.

Quickly Scale

Easily add more capacity as data sources expand. Grow a node at a time with the right mix of storage and compute per app.

Put the Power of Cloud to Work for Splunk Enterprise

Gain speed and agility of cloud for your Splunk deployments. Start small and scale out without worrying about the bottlenecks that occur with traditional architectures. Or launch pilot projects in the cloud and easily bring them on-prem when ready to scale.

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IBM Hyperconverged Systems powered by Nutanix take the complexity out of deploying infrastructure for MongoDB, allowing MongoDB experts to spend more time extracting insight from data.

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Easily Scale Your Hadoop Deployment

The Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) on Nutanix solution provides a single high-density platform for Hadoop, VM hosting, and application delivery. With this modular, pod-based approach, HDFS can run natively on Nutanix, reducing the overhead associated with traditional Hadoop deployments.

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