Nutanix Expands Workplace Diversity with Apprenticeships and Returnships

By Rukmini Sivaraman
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The heartbeat of a company is its people. With greater diversity, comes greater opportunity too, as was famously said by Malcolm Forbes, the American entrepreneur, “think independently together,” and attack business challenges from a variety of valuable perspectives.

At  Nutanix, we strongly believe in the power that diversity contributes to innovation and satisfaction in the workplace. In fact, one of our core culture principles is “Hire Often, Hire Diverse.” With that in mind, we are expanding our existing diversity initiatives around gender, ethnicity, background, geography, and age to include diversity in life experiences. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program called .heart, our internal recruiters are teaming up with local San Jose organizations to create Nutanix apprenticeships and returnships.

Apprenticeship:  We’re excited to be joining forces with several programs that offer training to help low-income students achieve economic self-sufficiency. The Nutanix six-month apprenticeships will provide support programs, mentorships, and valuable work experience across multiple disciplines, including Marketing, Operations, Sales Operations, and Engineering.  Students will end the program with real-world tools to kick off their career and build their networks.

Returnship:  To launch our returnship program, we are partnering with Path Forward, which helps individuals restart their careers after taking time off to care for a loved-one. We will help professionals with five or more years of work experience, who have been out of the paid workforce for a minimum of two years, bridge their transition back into the workforce with a sixteen-week work program that will connect them with other employees who have had similar experiences.

Lead Graphic Designer at Nutanix, Michal Iluz, immigrated from Israel with her husband and took time off to raise her children and get accustomed to life in the United States before going back to school and rejoining the workforce. Michal shared…

“I realized that everyone at Nutanix who interviewed me did not care about my employment gap or lack of professional experience in the U.S. Instead, they focused on my passion, determination, and talent. They saw that my life experiences were advantages and worth more because it gave me a unique perspective, wisdom, and helped me find something I am truly passionate about—and now I’m able to do what I love every day. “

Incorporating apprenticeships and returnships into our .heart program is just one more step in our journey to drive social innovation and have a positive effect on people, communities, and the planet.  We are thrilled to be working with individuals with various backgrounds, life experiences, and different ways of thinking because that is what stimulates the creativity and employee engagement that enables Nutanix to deliver exceptional products and services.

We are excited to welcome all the new apprentices and returnship individuals who will help Nutanix continue to innovate, improve, and connect with the world to make it a better place!

If you are interested in applying for our apprentice or returnship program, go to the jobs and search for “Apprenticeship” or “Returnships”

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