Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX) Certification

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Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX) is a peer-vetted, hypervisor agnostic certification designed for veteran Solution Engineers, Consultants, and Architects. Every NPX is a superb technologist, a visionary evangelist for the Enterprise Cloud, and a proven architect capable of designing and delivering a wide range of cutting-edge solutions custom built to support the business goals of the Global 2000 and government agencies in every region of the world.

Official Directory

NPX #1 – Josh Odgers

Company: End-2-End Enterprise Architecture (E2EEA)
Twitter: @josh_odgers
Bio: Josh founded End-2-End and quickly created a global team of world-class Enterprise and Solution Architects to create a strategic bridge between customers, vendors and partners to ensure customers business and technical goals are achieved. Josh has extensive experience designing and delivering comprehensive & measurable solutions to global customers. In addition to NPX, Josh has proven his world-class skillset by achieving the VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) in both Datacenter Virtualization (DCV) & Cloud Management & Automation (CMA). Josh was an early stage employee at Nutanix, focusing on everything from solution performance engineering, product direction/ management, solution architecture & enterprise architecture for global customers, contributing to designing/building TCO/ROI tools and being a customer advocate.

NPX #2 – Lane Leverett

Company: Arctic Wolf
Twitter: @wolfbrthr
Bio:Lane brings over 23 years of IT consulting and Design Architecture experience to his job at Arctic Wolf where he works as a Sr. Systems Engineer evangelizing the benefits of Security Outcomes via a Concierge Security Team as a service. He delivers presentations and information to both C-Level executives and Technical Engineers in such a way that can be clearly understood and so that both Business Level Objectives and Technical Requirements can be met with the simplest solution possible. Lane's primary focus is on Security solutions but also brings to bear a wealth of experience with Virtualization, Cloud, Networking, Storage, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Lane holds the following certifications in addition to his NPX: Nutanix Platform Professional, VMware VCDX #53, Microsoft MCSE, and many other vendors and industry-related certifications..

NPX #3 – Jonathan Kohler

Employer: Nutanix
Twitter: @jonkohler
Bio: Jon leads the Vertical Applications practice within Nutanix Engineering, which covers a variety of full stack technical solutions, including healthcare/life critical and financials. He also leads the developer advocacy practice, which drives “outside in” collaboration with our customer developer community, open source contributions, and 3rd parties’ extensions such as PowerShell and Terraform. Jon has a Bachelor's from University of Vermont.

NPX #4 – Samir Roshan

Employer: VMware
Twitter: @kooltechies
Bio: Samir is Director, Solution Architecture , Cloud on AWS - APJ at VMware, where he is focused on leading, building, and developing an experienced team of Solution/Cloud Architects/technical leaders across multiple countries and locations. Samir and his team work with some of the biggest organizations in the world helping them in their journey of "Digital transformation". With broad and deep technical experience coupled with solid financial and business acumen, Samir is able to work with C-Level executives and Senior Management to architect solutions that yield technical and financial benefit, innovation, and competitive differentiation for his customers. Samir is an active speaker at various technology forums and also participates in virtual communities learning new things and sharing his experience with the wider community. Samir holds multiple industry certifications, including VCDX (#124) and NPX (#004).

NPX #5 – Magnus Andersson

Magnus Andersson

Employer: Nutanix
Twitter: @magander3
Bio: Magnus is a Principal Solutions Architect at Nutanix Database Service (NDB) product management team targeting database as a service (DBaaS), hybrid multicloud and automation. He is responsible for the largest NDB customers to ensure their DBaaS delivers the expected business outcome. In addition, Magnus is involved in developing and improving existing Nutanix solutions, features, and functionality. Apart from being NPX #5 Magnus is also a double VCDX #56.

NPX #6 – Bas Raayman

Employer: Nutanix
Twitter: @basraayman
Bio: Bas is a Principal Solutions Architect and part of a team of world-class architects that work with enterprise IT customers to ensure critical workloads run optimally on their Nutanix infrastructure. In his role, he also helps with the architecture and validation of current and future Nutanix products targeted towards business-critical applications. Bas worked for SAP as specialist, and at EMC as part of the vSpecialist team before starting at Nutanix over 8 years ago. In his time with Nutanix he has been a key contributor in building the central European region, and one of the engineers responsible for the Nutanix SAP HANA on HCI certification.

NPX #7 – Michael Webster

Employer: Nutanix
Twitter: @vcdxnz001
Bio: Michael is a Principal Solutions Architect that helps enterprise customers optimize critical workloads on Nutanix infrastructure. He is also engaged in building Nutanix Hybrid Multi-cloud products and solutions, Validated Designs and Reference Architectures for the enterprise and business-critical apps of today and the future. Prior to Nutanix, he was a strategic architect at VMware for business-critical applications globally. In addition to holding multiple certifications, including VCDX (#66) and NPX (#007), he is also the co-author of Virtualizing SQL Server on VMware: Doing It Right.

NPX #8 – René van den Bedem

Employer: Microsoft
Twitter: @vcdx133
Bio: René is a Chief Enterprise Architect with extensive experience across all facets of the enterprise, public cloud & service provider spaces, including digital transformation and the business, enterprise and technology architecture stacks. In addition to being an NPX (#8), he is also a Dell-EMC Certified Master Enterprise Architect (DECM-EA), an NPX Panelist and a quadruple VCDX (#133).

NPX #9 – Richard Arsenian

Twitter: @richardarsenian
Bio: Richard was a Principal Solutions Architect within the Global Practices team at Nutanix. He was responsible for building and developing innovative solutions on Nutanix’s Hybrid Multicloud platform - including business critical applications and networking technologies. As a Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX #09) and VMware Certified Expert (VCDX #126), Richard brings a wealth of experience within the datacenter across the various elements of the systems development lifecycle (Pre-sales, Consulting and Support) attributed to his experience while working at key technology vendors including VMware and Cisco. Maintaining his passion within the datacenter, Richard also invests his R&D efforts with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Systems (UAS) and drones. He recently released his concept Nutanix Acropolis 1 (Patent Pending), which takes commodity drone hardware and Nutanix’s Cloud O.S to create a platform to deliver enterprise x86 applications autonomously across a highly resilient distributed filesystem in the sky. 


NPX #10 – Sachin Bhowan

Employer: VMXperts
Twitter: @sbhowan
Bio: Sachin is an executive, founder and senior solutions architect at VMXperts, where he actively works with customers to drill through their technology clutter to define solutions that best match their business processes and company goals. With more than 20 years’ experience in the IT industry, Sachin brings with him extensive technical and thorough architecture design knowledge, as well as an understanding of how clients can future-proof their business. His extensive project know-how enables him to offer clients an unbiased view of their technology landscape, where he is able to assist them in uncovering potential business threats and map. His passion is centered on walking the technical journey with a customer in order to change the technology so that it supports the business.

NPX #11 – Samuel Rothenbühler

Employer: Amanox Solutions
Twitter: @bancswissunique
Bio: Samuel obtained his Bachelor’s degree in computer science from Bern University of Applied Science in Switzerland in 2008. During his studies and after graduation he was working as a software engineer in the med tech industry and did an internship at Satyam Computer Services Ltd in Hyderabad, India. He joined EMC as an Enterprise Technology Consultant in 2009 where he was focused on enterprise storage and on the VCE product line, namely Vblock converged infrastructure. He left EMC in 2013 and joined Amanox Solutions in 2014 as a Senior System Engineer focused on Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure and VMware vSphere. Amanox Solutions is a Nutanix Reseller Champion and Authorized Support Partner since 2013 and the leading provider for enterprise cloud solutions in Switzerland. Samuel is currently working as CTO at Amanox and received his NPX in June of 2017. He has also been awarded Nutanix Technology Champion Elite for the years 2017 to 2023.

NPX #12 – Tim Buckholz

Employer: Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Twitter: @tbuckholz
Bio: Tim is a self-proclaimed “technology geek at heart”. His current interests cover anything involving virtualization and all of the infrastructure that goes with it. He works as a Senior Solutions Architect for AWS.

NPX #13 – Wayne Conrad

Employer: Nutanix
Twitter: @wjconrad
Bio: Wayne is a Senior Product Manager for security at Nutanix. He is passionate about transforming enterprise IT thru DevOps processes and tools. Wayne is a VMware VCIX-Desktop, VMware VCAP Datacenter DCD & DCA, and is a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas Jindal School of Management with a BS in Management Information Systems. When not working, Wayne lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife Florence Wang, currently the acting Assistant Concertmaster for the Dallas Opera Orchestra, their daughter, and two cats. Wayne is learning Mandarin, and enjoys hobbies like baking, weightlifting, and PC Gaming.

NPX #14 – Derek Seaman

Twitter: @vDerekS
Bio: Derek was a Principal Enterprise Architect at Nutanix, Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX) #14, VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX-DCV) #125, and has his CISSP. He’s also a top 25 virtualization blogger ( In his role at Nutanix, Derek helped design architectures combining applications with the Nutanix platform, creating solutions that solve critical business needs and requirements while disrupting the infrastructure space. Prior to joining Nutanix, Derek was an IT architect at a global leader in wireless chip technology, where he focused on deploying secure infrastructure solutions to support the development of solutions for the U.S. Government. In these spaces, he has developed methodologies, reference architectures, and frameworks focusing on the design of and transformation to agile, scalable, and cost-effective infrastructures that can be consumed in a service-oriented or cloud-like manner.

NPX #15 – Bruno Sousa

Employer: Nutanix
Twitter: @bsousapt
Bio: Bruno is a Technical Director Engineering with 16+ years of industry experience. Since joining Nutanix in 2014, he has been helping customers on the journey to embrace the Nutanix platform by creating reference architectures, best practices, and handling customer escalations. He has also been improving our products by taking customer feedback to Nutanix Engineering, and implementing Nutanix solutions across the globe. Within Nutanix, Bruno started as a Sr SRE within Global Support with a strong focus on cases regarding Business-Critical Applications and performance. Before working with Nutanix, his main areas of work were implementations of IT business critical systems, like databases, application servers, storage solutions within Healthcare and manufacturing environments.

NPX #16 - Crescenzo Oliviero

Employer: Datadog
Twitter: @CrexOliviero
Bio: Crescenzo graduated in Electronic Engineering with honors in 1996 and started his PhD enjoying electromagnetic discipline. He moved to the IT industry in early 2000 where he started as field engineer in telco/IT company and soon moved to the role of presales consultant with major players in IT industry. He has several industry qualifications for security, big data, cloud, and data management to complete his view of complex IT environments. Crescenzo was an infrastructure consultant on Server, Storage, SAN, backup and DR projects. Crescenzo joined Datadog in October of 2021 where he is currently a Senior Sales. Engineer.

NPX #17 – David Quinney

Employer: Nutanix
Twitter: @quinney_david
Bio: David is a Sr Staff Consulting Architect in the Nutanix Professional Services Organization. He joined Nutanix Consulting Services in 2016, and has extensive experience leading enterprise level datacentre design and transformation engagements for Nutanix Customers on AHV, ESXi and Hyper-V along with Business Critical application migrations to the Nutanix Platform.In conjunction to holding Nutanix NPX, David holds other industry certifications including TOGAF, AWS-SAA, VCIX-DCV, and Microsoft MCSE: Cloud Platform

NPX #18 – Fouad el Akkad

Employer: Nutanix
Twitter: @vRoomBlog
Bio: Fouad EL AKKAD is a Senior System Engineer at Nutanix since September 2017 based at Doha (Qatar), he has more than 18 years of experience in IT. His strength comes from being in the other side of the desk as the principal virtualization engineer for a large organization (several thousand VM) for more than seven years, having to face several subjects in the core infrastructure (storage, network, virtualization, etc), but also in more innovative area like Cloud, automation, microsegmentation, etc. Fouad also holds the VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX #283) certification.

NPX #19 – Jason Yeo

Employer: Nutanix
Twitter: @jasonyzs88
Bio: Jason, based in Singapore, is a Global Principal Enterprise Architect with Nutanix Services. He joined Nutanix in 2015 as the first Services Consultant in APAC. Jason has been working with enterprise IT since 1999, and his career has taken him to HP, FedEx, Sun Microsystems, CloudFX, VMware & Nutanix. In 2014, he achieved VCDX#180, the 5th in the world for DTM (Virtual Desktops). Till this day he is still the only VCDX-DTM in Asia. His extensive technical specialties and IT management skills have given him broad experience that spans from architecture design, deployment and operations of mission critical services to Major Incident Management. Jason also holds other certifications such as Nutanix NCX, NCP, VMware VCAP-DCD, VCAP-DCA and AWS. He enjoys solving business issues, presenting at regional events and sharing his experiences.

NPX #20 - Dan-Alexandru Apostu

Employer: Global Customer
Bio: Dan started working with virtualization technologies in 2005 and currently holds multiple industry certifications including VMware VCIX6-DCV. As Principal Engineer for a global Nutanix customer, Dan contributed to large scale critical projects including Internal Cloud, manufacturing and datacenter consolidation/migration. Currently Dan is working as Product Manager for a platform supporting multiple public cloud providers.

NPX #21 – Michael Shin

Employer: Nutanix
Twitter: @MshinNutanix
Bio: Michael is a Solutions Architect based in Seoul, Korea, with over 15 years of IT experience. His role with Nutanix is to design and deliver Nutanix solutions on multiple hypervisors and cloud technologies to customers in the APAC region. He joined Nutanix in May 2015 as a support engineer and moved to a consulting team in early 2018 after spending close to 3 years in support/escalation engineer position. Prior to joining Nutanix, Michael has held various positions including support, pre-sales and consulted for vendors and professional services firms, specialized in virtualization and SAN design/implementation.

NPX #22 – Artur Krzywdzinski

Employer: Nutanix
Bio: Artur, based in Pennsylvania, USA, is a Principal Solution Architect at Nutanix. He joined Nutanix in 2014 as a Consulting Architect in EMEA. Artur has been in the IT business since 1999 with 20+ years experience working with strategic and global customers. In 2012, he achieved VCDX #77 certification (which is the highest VMware certification). Today, Artur is helping the biggest Nutanix customers transform their business into Private and Hybrid Multicloud solutions.

NPX #23 – Joao Pereira Teixeira

Employer: Nutanix
Linkedin: Joao Pereira Teixeira
Bio: Joao is the Senior Staff Global Practice Lead - Infrastructure at Nutanix. In his role at Nutanix, Joao designs large scale business critical platforms that allow customers to innovate and realize the full value of their IT investments. As the Global practice lead for infrastructure, Joao is responsible for creating repeatable frameworks and offerings to Nutanix customers as well as participating in solution orientated pre-sales for large enterprise.

NPX #24 – Akshay Poddar

Employer: Nutanix
Bio: Akshay is a System Engineer Nutanix from 2019 for enterprise customers. Prior to Nutanix, he worked with Core VDI Company as a solution Architect for enterprise customers. In his current role at Nutanix, he delivers enterprise-level datacenter design and transformation engagements for Nutanix customers on AHV, ESXi and Hyper-V, along with Business Critical Application migrations to the Nutanix platform. In conjunction with holding Nutanix NCX, Akshay holds other industry certifications including VMware, Citrix, Azure, Google ACE, etc.

NPX #25 – Guillaume Pare

Guillaume Paré

Employer: Nutanix
LinkedInGuillaume Paré
Bio: With more than 20 years in the field of information technology, Guillaume is a solution architect, determined, persevering, reliable and professional based in the Montreal region of Quebec. In his current role as Senior Systems Engineer at Nutanix, he is responsible for building innovative solutions to solve complex customer business problems and objectives and thus ensure their satisfaction. Before joining the Nutanix team, he acquired experience for eight years as an Architecture consultant, five years as a consultant for a Professional Services firm, and at the start of his career, he managed, as a system administrator, the technologies of an engineering firm for a period of eight years. In addition to Nutanix NPX, Guillaume has several industry certifications from vendors such as AWS, Citrix, Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, RedHat, and Splunk.