Technology Alliances

Leonovus Inc.

Leonovus Vault is a multi-cloud data controller software solution that distributes your data across on-premises and public cloud storage. It delivers increased data security, reduced storage footprint, enhanced data availability, and durability, and gives you the flexibility to deal with the ever-evolving cloud storage landscape.

Leonovus provides organizations the flexibility to store and migrate their data anywhere they choose — with security and compliance assured. Applications access Leonovus Vault storage via a unified S3-compatible interface while administrators configure security and compliance policies using an intuitive web interface that provides complete visibility into where and how data is stored.

Easily deployed on a Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructure under the Acropolis Hypervisor, Leonovus Vault combines Nutanix file storage and Nutanix Buckets with cloud storage offered by Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, and an array of S3-compatible providers to create a secure data plane across which enterprises can store even the most sensitive data while benefitting from the economics of cloud storage and avoiding cloud-vendor lockin.

Validated Solutions

  • Leonovus Multi Cloud Data Controller 3.6 is validated on Nutanix AHV ( AOS )