Today more than ever, technology users must trust that their confidential information is safe and secure, yet readily accessible whenever and wherever it’s needed. Data encryption is the cornerstone of a complete security strategy, and the storage and management of encryption keys is an integral part of that strategy.

KeyNexus answers these challenges with its unified approach to key storage. Utilizing its pioneering encryption key management platform, organizations can centrally store, manage, and consolidate key management functions across multiple platforms.

Using the Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP), KeyNexus communicates with Nutanix to function as an external key management server. As a key management server, KeyNexus provides storage and management functionality for the encryption keys generated on Nutanix self-encrypting drives (SEDs).


  • KeyNexus Unified Key Manager 2.0 is validated for Nutanix AHV Software Data-at-Rest Encryption(AOS 5.5.2)