Enterprise cloud technologies such as Nutanix have proved to be extremely successful to simplify data centers and increase their agility and scale, as demonstrated by their rapid adoption to deliver hybrid cloud solutions.

FixStream, the first big data analytics, correlation, and visualization platform for Nutanix enterprise cloud infrastructure:

  • Auto-discovers the compute and storage components of the Nutanix cluster
  • Auto-discovers the non-Nutanix infrastructure components in a hybrid IT environment
  • Auto-discovers the application services deployed in Nutanix infrastructure
  • Identifies the application flows in and out of Nutanix environment
  • Provides an up-to-date inventory view to reflect the changes happening in the infrastructure stack in near real-time

FixStream’s Google map-like platform automatically discovers every device, maps them to the business applications, so that you can get to the root cause of complex business issues in minutes, not hours or days! It’s also used to optimize IT, accelerate migration to the cloud and to reduce the cost of audit and compliance.NutanixNutanix