CyberPower is a global manufacturer of power protection and management equipment: uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, power distribution units (PDUs), surge protectors, power accessories, and racks. CyberPower designs power management solutions for IT professionals in enterprise, corporate, government, education, healthcare, and small office/home office environments. A true manufacturer, CyberPower is driven by a mission to meet the highest standards of product quality, performance, and customer value.

CyberPower solutions support Nutanix system administrators with the right power protection and battery backup for their Nutanix nodes to prevent data loss and potential equipment damage. CyberPower designed PowerPanel® Business Edition 3.4 for the Nutanix environment and is available as a FREE download, accompanying all professional-grade UPS systems. The software manages and monitors the UPS system and automates a graceful shutdown of Nutanix nodes in response to a power event

Together Nutanix and CyberPower help deliver end-to-end solutions for power management of the Nutanix cloud platform. Here are top benefits of the joint solution:

  • Cost-effective, reliable solution built specifically to work out-of-the-box for Nutanix
  • Protects Nutanix investment through automated graceful shutdown during power events
  • Offers configurable controls for the Nutanix environment to provide load shedding during outages


  • CyberPower PowerPanel® Business Edition 3.4 is supported on vSphere