Switches running Cumulus Linux enable fast and easy expansion for Nutanix nodes and deliver the following key advantages for enterprises:

  • Flexiblity to scale on demand: Enterprises can boost their compute, network and storage resources incrementally as they grow.
  • Hardware vendor choice: Enterprises can tightly integrate compute (servers), network and storage resources into a single, cost-effective platform.
  • Extremely fast time to production: Ability to customize, simplify and leverage open standards from working with Cumulus Linux means customers can plan for architectures to scale without performance or deployment bottlenecks.
  • Predictable and reliable ROI, and lower TCO: Converged solutions deliver server, network and storage resources that are preconfigured in harmony, minimizing risk and creating a predictable cost model and return on investment (ROI).

Validated Solutions

  • Cumulus Linux 3.7.3 is Nutanix Ready AHV-Integrated (AOS
  • Cumulus NetQ 2.0 is validated on Nutanix AHV (AOS