In Loco Media Maximizes Cloud Savings with Xi Beam


Xi Beam’s Cost Governance application empowered In Loco Media’s CTO to better understand the company’s current and previous Amazon Web Services (AWS) spend. The insights provided by Beam helped In Loco Media substantially reduce costs and increase the performance of their AWS environment.


Based in Brazil, In Loco Media helps businesses advertise more effectively using consumers’ location-based information with an accuracy of 1-3 meters. The platform touches 40 million users, has 3.2 billion monthly requests, and 200 billion location data points. The platform is also the world’s largest deployment of indoor location detection. 


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In Loco Media has been growing exponentially. They enjoy Amazon Web Services (AWS) because it scales with their business and offers a highperformance infrastructure platform. However, In Loco Media wanted to optimize and control their AWS spend as they scaled, without compromising performance. Additionally, In Loco Media wanted to discover grey areas of cost and gain a better understanding of their AWS cost spillage. In Loco Media’s CTO needed a solution to increase clarity on resource usage, uncover spend patterns, and provide granular cost tracking so they implemented Beam’s Cost Governance application.


In Loco Media’s CTO used Beam’s Cost Governance application to see all possible AWS cloud savings and generates customized cost-saving recommendations based on customers specific infrastructure.


As Airton Sobral, CTO of In Loco Media states:

“If you want to save money with AWS, use Nutanix Beam! It’s not lots of data just scrambled across the screen, It’s pretty dashboards and clear insights such as:

    ‘This resource is not being used for 7 days, you should turn it off’
    ‘This instance is not being used at full capacity, you should decrease the instance type’
    ‘This disk is not using all of its IOPS, consider decrease the IOPS’
    ‘This instance could be reserved to decrease your costs from X to Y’

They really know what they’re doing, and the support is also incredible. It’s the missing AWS tool!”

The insights from Beam enabled the CTO to deep-dive into daily and forecasted spend patterns for complete visibility into the company’s current and previous AWS costs. In Loco Media was able to implement alternatives for EC2 instance family optimization, reducing costs and increasing the performance of their AWS cloud.


Xi Beam is a machine-intelligence driven, unified cloud cost management platform that delivers cost governance and security compliance for organizations using multi-cloud environments. Beam provides deep cost savings and helps you to multi-cloud with freedom

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“If you want to save money with AWS, use Nutanix Beam! It provides pretty dashboards and analytics. It’s the missing AWS tool!”

Airton Sobral, CTO, In Loco Media