Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2)

Unify all your Private and Public Clouds

NC2 delivers the industry’s first cloud platform with the flexibility, simplicity, and cost efficiency needed to manage applications and infrastructure in private and multiple public clouds, operated as a single cloud.

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Native Networking Integration

NC2 allows you to run your Nutanix software in your existing Cloud accounts. Already have Virtual Private Networks (VPCs or VNets) and private subnets running in your Cloud regions? NC2 allows you to use them as-is thereby completely eliminating the need to manage complex and costly networking integration while also providing performance benefits. This enables organizations to have easy access to Cloud services for integration and app modernization.


Auto Host Remediation

Intelligent and continuous monitoring of cluster health and remediation of unforeseen errors is built into NC2. If a Cloud host instance is reported as unresponsive when NC2 expects the host to be operational, it will trigger a node replacement operation to make sure the cluster health is restored.

Rack Awareness

NC2 intelligently picks the node placements across the cloud racks during initial cluster creation to ensure highly available rack-aware design. Data replicas are stored across racks ensuring your clusters remain available even in the case of a complete rack becoming unavailable. Rack awareness is enabled by default when the cluster is created in the cloud. Nutanix Prism monitors for the availability status and alerts when the cluster is in a degraded situation.


One-click Hibernation*

Maximize hybrid cloud cost efficiency with a one-click hibernate feature (currently in early access). Easily shut down your AWS bare metal instance, send data to cheap S3 storage and stop incurring expensive bare metal compute instance costs when you do not need the cluster. Ready to use your hybrid node again? Bring your cluster back from hibernation with all your data preserved in just one-click.

*Available only with AWS currently

On-Demand Capacity Scaling

Easily add new compute nodes when you need to spin up more capacity in NC2. You can either manually add nodes and expand the size of your cluster with one-click or use triggers from X-play based on CPU or memory consumption to scale out nodes automatically.


Cloud Cost Analytics

An integration between NC2 and Nutanix Beam that uses tag based cost analytics helps you stay on top of your bare metal spending in the clouds. Also use Beam to identify potential cost savings with automated cost governance policies to eliminate or right-size cloud resources and reservation based pricing recommendations. Save 35% or more on your public cloud spend with Nutanix.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Logo Penn National Insurance

“NC2 allows us to easily create a hybrid cloud environment spanning our Nutanix datacenter and AWS, so that we can very rapidly burst capacity in AWS when needed to quickly restore our workloads from a backup.”

- Craig Wiley, Sr Infrastructure Systems Architect, Penn National Insurance


“We are excited about what the partnership between Nutanix and Microsoft will bring, with Nutanix Cloud Clusters on Azure (NC2Z) and beyond. I envision this hybrid cloud solution will accelerate our teams' ability to try new innovative ideas and bring them to our customers, by increasing agility, scalability and reliability while reducing risk.”

- Ken Shaffer, AVP Technology, CarMax


“NC2 provides a seamless way to burst capacity into public clouds to increase our VDI workloads when needed to support Census activities, while knowing all our apps will just work – without needing to repackage or rearchitect them.”

- Julian Doak, CISO, Australian Bureau of Statistics

Clouds We Support

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