IDC Reports 414% ROI With Nutanix Files over Competitor NAS

By: Devon Helms and John Williamson
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Industry analyst IDC recently conducted a 6 month study with Nutanix Files customers who reported an average of 414 percent ROI over 5 years compared to legacy NAS. IDC determined that the simple, intelligent, and reliable design of Files helped companies achieve an average of $2.65 million a year in benefits, a 7 month pay back period, and 69 percent more efficient storage management.

Nutanix is able to deliver these savings over legacy file storage technology for several reasons:

  • A single click deployment of file servers.
  • A consumer-grade unified management experience with Nutanix Prism.
  • A self tuning engine that keeps workloads optimally balanced.
  • An intelligent, self-healing architecture that significantly reduces planned and unplanned downtime while freeing administrators from break-fix operations.

IDC also noted that improved operations and reduced downtime translated into better application performance, higher productivity for business units, and stronger business results.  

The study includes powerful testimonies from Nutanix customers who talk about why they chose Files and how it has materially improved their processes and everyday work life: 

Nutanix Files users reported experiencing: 

Better operational resiliency: “The biggest benefit is operational resilience. It gives us peace of mind that we have everything backed up at different sites, and we can easily go out to the cloud if we need to. It’s given us ... our weekends back. Our previous setup really was something where if we needed to do any kind of file-level restoring, it was a drawn-out process. For file availability and space, if we need to increase space on the file server now, it’s right there. So it’s really given the IT department ... the ability to focus on other things, like more strategic projects. It really allows us to look forward and innovate instead of just being an IT shop.”

Better ROI through management: “One of the biggest things for us was return on investment. You get so much greater efficiencies by being able to utilize your Nutanix storage platform with Nutanix virtual machines and Nutanix Files. It allows us to not have to purchase a separate SAN solution. We also looked at Nutanix Files from an automation standpoint because less technologies have to interlink. We can go directly to the Nutanix platform for creating file shares, VMs, and networking. Nutanix is making it simpler.”

Better data reduction capabilities: “In technology, you always want to be as efficient as possible ... You want to make sure that you’re maximizing your infrastructure investment. Nutanix Files fits because it supports [data reduction]. We have a clustered storage environment. So we’re able to use the same storage platform for our virtual environment as well as our Files environment. We’re able to leverage that pool of storage to support multiple services that we lay on top of it.”

Improved scalability and resilience: “What we were looking for was something simple, scalable, elastic, and very resilient. When we started our Nutanix Files journey, we looked at Nutanix’s vision. It aligned with what IT is trying to do. It really made our IT department more efficient. We also have higher uptime as a result of moving to Nutanix Files.”

IDC details and quantifies a range of other benefits as well, including greater responsiveness to business needs, reduced downtime, better end-user experience, and encryption for auditing. 

Download this free report to read about how Nutanix Files customers are able to focus on higher-value, more strategic activities thanks to industry-standard ease of management, built-in analytics, and one click, limitless scalability.

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