Definitive Guide to Big Data on Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Get the full definition and discover how to use big data to create a competitive advantage in this Definitive Guide.

The Definitive Guide to Big Data

If you ask people in IT what big data is, chances are you’ll get a variety of answers. The answer may depend on an individual’s job function and the type and size of their company, but there’s also a lot of uncertainty about what constitutes big data, what the benefits are, and how to take advantage of it. This is further complicated by the explosion of big data applications and the sheer number of options available.

In this eBook we explore what really constitutes big data, how it can provide a competitive advantage in any industry, and how to deploy an agile infrastructure ready to flawlessly run Splunk, Hadoop, NoSQL, Elastic, and many more of today’s big data tools.

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  • Learn the history of big data and the benefits of utilizing it
  • Understand the difference between the variety of big data applications and projects available
  • Predict and plan for common big data infrastructure pitfalls

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