Nutanix Certified Professional - Cloud Integration - AWS (NCP-CI-AWS)


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The Nutanix Certified Professional - Cloud Integration - AWS (NCP-CI-AWS) certification exam measure’s your ability to plan, deploy, configure, and manage Nutanix Cloud Clusters within an AWS public cloud environment.

Successful candidates have approximately 2 years of general IT experience, 12 months of experience using Nutanix technologies, and 6 months of experience using the AWS public cloud provider. They are IT Administrators, Cloud Operators, DevOps/SysOps/NetOps Administrators, Cloud/Solution Architects, and Network Administrators/Engineers who need to manage, or are interested in becoming certified in, Nutanix Cloud Clusters environments using the AWS public cloud platform. Additionally, the successful exam candidate will most likely have taken training courses, such as the Nutanix Cloud Clusters on AWS Administration course.

Knowledge Objectives:

Section 1 - Prepare the AWS cloud environment

  • Prepare the AWS cloud environment
  • Subscribe to the NC2 service
  • Determine implementation requirements
  • Identify networking requirement

Section 2 - Deploying an NC2 on AWS Environment

  • Deploy the cloud cluster
  • Configure cloud provider networking
  • Troubleshoot cluster deployment issues

Section 3 - Configuring an NC2 on AWS Environment

  • Configure cloud networking and security
  • Troubleshoot connectivity issues

Section 4 - Managing an NC2 on AWS Environment

  • Identify management tasks for nodes and clusters
  • Monitor cluster and cloud resource health


Once you earn the NCP-CI certification you join an exclusive community of Nutanix certified personnel, and earn more tangible benefits as well:

  • Use of the NCP-CI logo
  • NCP-CI Digital Badge from Credly
  • Access to the Nutanix Certification store
  • Discounts on Nutanix events
  • Early access to educational programs

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