Mastering Multi-Cloud Cost Optimization & Security Governance

vRealize Automation on Nutanix: Private Cloud in a box

A joint webinar by Forrester and Nutanix

Today's world has become a data-driven ecosystem. To compete, businesses must leverage new cloud services and data center architectures, which explains the rise of multi-cloud environments.

However, without adequate visibility and control over public cloud consumption, the benefits can quickly be overshadowed by increased cloud costs and a weakened security posture.

In this webinar, Lauren E. Nelson, Principal Analyst from Forrester, will discuss the key drivers for adopting multi-cloud architectures. This includes the core capabilities to look for in cloud cost and security governance tools to optimize your multi-cloud infrastructure. 

Specifically, we'll cover::

  • Knowing the cost and impacts of today's security threats
  • How businesses benefit from multi-cloud architectures
  • Key considerations and best practices for cloud security governance

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