How to Enable True Omnichannel Retail Strategy

See why more retailers are moving to HCI to achieve omnichannel success.


How to Enable a True Omnichannel Retail Strategy

Accelerating Digital Transformation for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Companies

Retail success is quickly being defined by how well an organization can adopt an omnichannel strategy. Retailers must integrate multiple pipelines, apps, ROBO systems, and more—but costly, tedious legacy IT infrastructure simply isn’t suited for the job.

It’s no wonder more retailers are turning to hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) to bypass these pain-points and deliver a more streamlined omnichannel strategy. In fact, 70% of them say that they’ve moved to HCI because of its unified (read: no silos) servers, storage, and more. In this report, discover:

  • The state of the retail industry today, including how the evolution of consumer preferences has changed the game.
  • Why legacy infrastructure amplifies the challenges retailers face in the omnichannel space.
  • How HCI strengthens an omnichannel foundation by boosting capabilities, facilitating consumer-facing services, and more.

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