The Future of Cloud is Hybridized

To support digital transformation initiatives, IT leaders need the right blend of on-premises and public cloud environments to support a variety of existing and emerging use cases. So, enterprises have started taking an “application-first” approach to their cloud deployments, with hybrid cloud leading the pack.


Those who’ve made the switch enjoy:

  • 75% improved IT efficiency
  • 49% more business value
  • Seamless interoperability
  • Effortless application migration
  • Rapid application deployment
  • Consolidated cloud management

So, where do you sit on the path to hybrid cloud?

The Consensus is Clear:
Hybrid Cloud is the Way to Go

91% of organizations say their ideal IT model is a hybrid cloud. And it’s not hard to see why.

Businesses get the security and cost-efficiency of private cloud with the simplicity and scalability of the public cloud. You’re enabled to grow without limits (and without downtime, fire drills, or disasters), and you’re freed from routine, agonizing infrastructure management thanks to automation and self-service. And as you grow, your cloud architecture will grow with you, delivering a flexible, incremental payment plan. The icing on the cake? No vendor lock-in.

Despite the benefits, the reality of hybrid cloud adoption is a different story.


With nearly all organizations saying hybrid cloud is their ideal model, why isn’t adoption through the roof? Get the facts and stats you need to know about hybrid cloud in this infographic.


Mind the Gap…

Sit down for this one. Only 18% of organizations have actually adopted hybrid cloud. A lack of skills, concerns with application migration, and vendor lock-in are only some of the reasons businesses are held back from pursuing the cloud model of today (and tomorrow).

Executive Summary

For the businesses of today, digital transformation is an unavoidable necessity. And for 91% of businesses, hybrid cloud is the way to go. But what exactly is the appeal and just how many are actually embracing it?

Bridge the Gap with Nutanix

Here’s the good news: Hyperconverged infrastructure can help you close that gap.

Built on the industry’s most advanced hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technology, Nutanix is able to deploy any application at any scale, delivering automation and self service to boot. Plus, you can bypass the roadblocks to hybrid cloud adoption.

Ease of use, simplicity, and flexibility are all part of the HCI lexicon, enabling your IT team to seamlessly transition between clouds. But what exactly is the Nutanix difference?


With an intelligent platform for all applications and services, you deploy infrastructure in minutes, scale out as you grow, and harness the power of cloud with the freedom to choose technologies that suit your business needs.

Discard your multiple layers of complex management interfaces. With the power of one-click simplicity, enjoy unified control and complete visibility.

Prioritize innovative, business-moving initiatives thanks to the time-freeing power of automation and self-service.

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