DevOps and the Enterprise Cloud

Creating the Infrastructure for Better IT Outcomes

DevOps and the Enterprise Cloud

Agile methodology, digital transformation, IoT, mobile apps ...all of these forces bring about business changes, but also put pressure on enterprise IT and development teams to deliver and update applications and services more quickly. To achieve this, many IT teams are transitioning to a new DevOps model for operations. But how can they also gain the infrastructure agility required to achieve their goals?

This paper digs into the change, analyzing DevOps infrastructure challenges such as fragmentation and slow provisioning, and showing how hyperconvergence and Nutanix Enterprise Clouds can overcome those challenges with speed, efficiency, and ease.

You will:

  • Learn about the key components of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform including the unique operations and management plane, and turnkey solution delivering storage, compute, virtualization, and cloud services.
  • Become acquainted with the Nutanix approach to networking and network security that replaces static policies with a dynamic DevOps-friendly approach.
  • Uncover how infrastructure tasks can be handled without resorting to IT superstars or specialized resources.

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