One Place for your Security Planning, Operations, and Compliance for Nutanix

September 8, 2020 | min

IT Security is no longer an afterthought or back-office function. The planning and execution of security policy and controls are a necessary part of business operations. Cybersecurity threats continue to increase in their sophistication and velocity of attacks. We see a continued rise in successful malware and ransomware attacks as evidence that security strategies must adapt.

Security professionals have coalesced around a concept called Zero Trust as the best method to fight these threats. Zero Trust changes security controls to treat all locations and components as equals in that there is no longer a trusted user, application, or location. Everything is secured with the assumption that it could be compromised and need to be contained. This is accomplished by introducing granular network and user policy controls, along with the ability to monitor and update those controls in real-time. This may sound simple, but many organizations struggle with implementing Zero Trust and unified security management due to a lack of application visibility necessary to create effective policies.

At our 2020 .NEXT conference we’re announcing the availability of Flow Security Central (FSC) to be launched on September 21, 2020. Security Central was created to provide Nutanix customers with a hub for their security operations so they can easily assess the overall security posture of their Nutanix deployments and gain the context required to implement a Zero Trust security strategy in their environments.

Security Central is a cloud-hosted SaaS offering that provides:

Security Posture Monitoring with dashboards and reports to offer “at-a-glance” information about current security compliance (PCI, HIPAA, etc) goals, network utilization, general security health of Nutanix clusters, and a comprehensive multicloud inventory view.

Security Audit and Remediation from security configuration scanning, reporting, and automated suggestions for configuration remediation which includes our US DoD STIG-based security baselines. You can also extend your audits via our domain-specific language that lets you compose custom audit queries against your Nutanix resources.

Flow Microsegmentation Security Planning from network and application visualization. Success with microsegmentation comes from creating granular VM-to-VM microsegmentation, application, or network segmentation policies. This can be very complex. The visualization provided by FSC allows customers to better understand their network traffic and use that information to manage groups/categories and policies. In our first release, FSC will have network visualization and category management capabilities - future releases will add policy suggestions and management.

Cloud Security Compliance for Nutanix customers that are managing both on-premises HCI infrastructure, Nutanix Clusters, or other workloads running in public clouds. A single solution to provide a cohesive view of security posture across multicloud environments.

We are committed to provide you with an intelligent visual central hub to continuously monitor, investigate, and act on the security vulnerabilities and threats. This means you will get more visibility, better planning, and enriched context for the security posture of your hybrid cloud environments.

You can look forward to even more functionality in Security Central. We are researching threat detection, automated policy suggestions and creation, and broader compliance coverage for future inclusion.

Ready to learn more how to up your security game with Nutanix Flow and Security Central? Join us at for more information and take a Test Drive today.

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