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Digital Badges

Digital badges are new way to quickly share proof of your Nutanix certifications and skills that are:

  • Sharable on social media like LinkedIn or Twitter
  • Downloadable for use in email signatures, blogs, etc.
  • Trusted by employers, colleagues and industry peers

Benefits of Digital Badges

Benefits for Users 

When you share your digital badge, your colleagues or employers can see when you earned it, what it took to earn the badge, and the skills it covers. Because each badge provides a unique link to verified data, no one can claim your badge for their own.

The badge platform also shows you related badges and next steps to advance your career. The Insights data also shows related job listings from across several major directories giving you an idea of the types of opportunities available for badge holders.

Benefits for Employers 

Digital Badges are personalized and linked to unique metadata on the holder, eliminating the possibility of anyone claiming a credential they didn’t earn. So, you can be sure that anyone with a Nutanix digital badge has the skills to back it up.

How it Works:

Claiming and sharing your digital badge is easy, just follow these steps.

  1. When you earn a certification, the Acclaim badging platform will email inviting you to claim your badge
  2. Create or log in to your account
  3. Start sharing

If you have more questions about claiming and sharing your badge these resources can help, or you can contact us.

A Sample Badge