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Technical Account Managers

Nutanix Technical Account Manager (TAM) Service helps customers preemptively address risk and continually improve business outcomes. Backed by Nutanix’s world-class Customer Success and Support organizations, a TAM can help your business by minimizing service disruption by promptly managing issues and escalations to resolution.

TAMs come in two variations:

Full TAMs suited for large customers that need a significant portion of a TAMs time to help them manage potential challenges and issues and provide advice on future projects in an in-person manner.

Internal TAMs (iTAMs) are suited for mid-sized and growing customers who needs slightly less support in a remote manner.

SAP Services

If you need help getting your SAP environment up and running on Nutanix we have the following services available to you:

SAP on Nutanix Design

SAP on Nutanix Solution Review

Still not finding what you are looking for? We can most likely provide what you need in the form of custom and a la carte services. If you’re interested, please contact your Nutanix representative or