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Get started on DB Modernization

Migrate and operate DB platform
Assess and Design
Database and Nutanix Era design workshop*
Database migration planning workshop*
Deploy and Migrate
Database and Nutanix Era deployment service*
Database backup architecture and Copy Data Management*
Operate and Scale
Era operations fit check*
  a la carte
Available configurations for Pro**
Database engines
Oracle: < 5 DB, 1 variation SQL Server: < 10 DB Servers or 50 DB, 1 variation
Oracle: < 10 DB, 2 variation SQL Server: < 20 DB Servers or 100 DB, <2 variations
Oracle: < 40 DB, <3 variations SQL Server: < 50 DB Servers, or 400 DB, <3 variations
Products Serviced
Products serviced - Cumulative

Note: * (a) Select services are available a la carte. ** (b) Starter available only in standard configuration. See offering datasheets for more details. Requirements outside of the supported configurations can be accommodated as custom service.

Assess and Design

Database and Nutanix Era design workshop

Assess customer business, capacity, performance requirements, security requirements, manageability, availability, resiliency requirements, growth requirements for Databases and provide a design for a Nutanix solution for databases including Nutanix Era and database engines design and best practices for storage, HA, and migration.

Database migration planning Workshop

Assess existing database workloads, layout migration options to choose from, and build plan for database migration.

Deploy and Migrate

Database and Nutanix Era deployment service

Deploy and configure Nutanix Era and database engines according to design and scope.

Database backup architecture and Copy Data Management

Build the SLA based on the customer’s backup/recovery requirements and configure the Era Time Machine for single and optionally multiple clusters. Deploy and configure Era to clone, refresh and restore a database at any point in time. Setup users with RBAC and deploy dev/test database life cycle management best practices. Explore integrations to the existing CI/CD pipeline. .

Operate and scale

Era Operations Fit Check

Review the state of a currently installed and configured database environment including Nutanix Era and Database related infrastructure and virtualization best practices and make recommendations to ensure optimal performance and reliability.