Mandiri Inhealth Chooses Nutanix for a Reliable, Futureproofed Datacenter

Nutanix Provides Mandiri Inhealth an Enterprise Cloud that Supports Business Expansion and Future Growth


Mandiri Inhealth is an Indonesia-based commercial health insurance program provider, established in 1992 as a business unit of PT Askes (Persero) and was acquired by PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk, PT Kimia Farma (Persero) Tbk and PT Asuransi Jasa Indonesia (Persero). Mandiri Inhealth obtained a business license in the field of Life Insurance Based on a letter from the Minister of Finance Number KEP-38 / KM.10 / 2009.


Healthcare Insurance Payer


Mandiri Inhealth’s old server environment was not able to keep up with rapid growth of the company, as they are now operating in many cities and servicing thousands of customers. They required systems that can be easily scaled up and scaled out in relation to their projected business growth. They also required a solution provider that can help them with complex configurations in a multi-branch environment.


  • Nutanix 3000 series, multi-node configuration
  • Nutanix Enterprise Cloud including Nutanix AHV hypervisor.


  • Improved performance and availability
  • Improved scalability for operations spanning across branches in different cities
  • Simplified management, operations, and maintenance


Indonesia-based commercial health care insurance provider Mandiri Inhealth was relying on an aging server environment that lacked the performance, reliability, and scalability necessary to support the company’s growth, as they are expanding their operations to multiple cities while servicing thousands of customers. Mandiri Inhealth decided to replace their legacy infrastructure with something more scalable and easier to manage. After extensive research on hyperconvergence, they found that Nutanix offers the solution they were seeking, including consistent and reliable uptime, even during system upgrades.


In late 2017, Mandiri Inhealth decided to implement Nutanix Enterprise Cloud. “Technology is quickly gaining importance in the healthcare insurance industry, and experts say that the sector is ripe for an upcoming wave of disruption,” observed Andang Nugroho, Head of IT Division, Mandiri Inhealth. “That’s why Mandiri Inhealth is always keen on improving its infrastructure and services. We see hyperconvergence as the right path to take to bring our infrastructure to the next level, and since we were charting new territories with the deployment of Nutanix and hyperconverged infrastructure, the evaluation and selection process had been both rigorous and comprehensive.”

After selecting Nutanix, the deployment process was fast and efficient. Mandiri Inhealth was able to get Nutanix platform running within a month. Experienced Nutanix engineers were hands on during the process, conducting direct on-site visits to assist with configuring the multi-branch environment. Nugroho reported that, “Nutanix and its partner have shown high commitment in delivering a successful project and have exceeded our expectations.”



“The implementation of Nutanix represented a major upgrade of Mandiri Inhealth’s infrastructure,” says Nugroho. “The benefit readily felt by users is that system performance now has increased significantly, while reliability has improved compared to previous systems. Nutanix has also implemented systems that can be easily scaled up or out in relation to projected business growths.”


According to Nugroho, Mandiri Inhealth has moved all of its critical services to Nutanix systems and is preparing to revamp the legacy systems for other less critical uses. “We are also monitoring the new systems, while continuously improving their performance, and planning for future updates or upgrades. At the end, we are glad to say that its implementation has been instrumental in helping Mandiri Inhealth stay true to its business needs and goals for future growth.”

Hyperconverged infrastructure is a new technology to us, hence the evaluation and selection process has been both rigorous and comprehensive. We are glad to say that Nutanix’s implementation has been instrumental in helping Mandiri Inhealth staying true to its business needs and future growth.. #EnterpriseCloud #OnMyTerms

Mr. Andang Nugroho, Head of IT Division, Mandiri Inhealth