Digital Sustainability
With Dr. Art Langer

Digital Sustainability is about using digital technology in a mindful and responsible manner and
understanding the critical role that IT organizations, companies and governments play. 


Topics covered in this Masterclass include:

The History & Future of Digital Sustainability

- Restructuring and rethinking the world's energy consumption.
- Why should organizations care about ESG?
- What are carbon emissions and how to measure?
- How can organizations lower their carbon footprint?
-How do we use technology more sustainably?
- Understanding the Government Regulations and their impact.
- Will there be a limit on the uses of data centers, smartphones, networks, computers, and
control over addictive designs including VOD; pornography; online video; social networks.

Planning & Implementing Digital Sustainability

How to plan and implement better solutions including hybrid multicloud; dynamic switching based on reduced electrical use and lower carbon; shared facilities; ability to address black swan events (covid, climate).

Upon completion of the Masterclass, attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion from Columbia University Center for Technology Management (CTM) and benefit from post-Masterclass access to Columbia University Center for Technology Management papers and research.


Director of Columbia University Center for Technology Management; Professor of Professional Practice at Columbia University


Learn how to anticipate and successfully address unexpected threats; mitigate the negative impacts of digital disruption;
transform your organization; and elevate your career. Discover what CXO Masterclass can do for you.


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