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Measure your leadership maturity with our CIO assessment tool


Utilize a proven methodology for measuring CIO Leadership and understand the impact of technology, values, ethics and executive presence on leadership maturity



By 2025, 66% of CIOs expect to be key decision makers for corporate strategy



By 2025, 89% of CIOs will be responsible for some revenue-generating initiatives



By 2025, 59% of CIOs expect to hold a seat on their company’s board of directors

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See how you compare with your peers and other proven CIOs

Click on the Assessment button below to take the survey. There are 25 items to take in the form of brief memo exchanges. The survey can typically be completed in 20 minutes or less.

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Your Executive Response

Rate the degree to how well the Executive Response reflects action you would take.

There are no right or wrong ratings for the survey items. After rating each item you will need to click the forward arrow appearing at the bottom of the item to continue until you reach the end of the survey. You may also return to the survey to complete it an interruption occurs.

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Receive a custom report and recommendations to increase your leadership maturity

A report at the end of the survey will appear showing your Arc profile along the dimensions in the form of a bar chart.
Responses to the survey are digitally stored on this site and kept confidential.

Assessing the 5 literacy dimensions to becoming an effective CIO

How do most respondents score?

Technology Cognition

Organizational Culture

Management Values

Business Ethics

Executive Presence

What sort of CIO are you?

Your CIO strengths are determined by your responses to scenarios in technology competence, management values, business ethics and executive presence.




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Where do you rank on the CIO scale?

Discover your leadership maturity in terms of technology competence, management values, business ethics and executive presence.

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