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Nutanix and Google Cloud Expand Partnership Delivering Apps and Desktops as a Service

By Carsten Puls

“In case of emergency, press here”

By Ruben Spruijt

Eliminate Your VPN Access to Frame

By Yangzhi Zhao

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Using AWS Firewall with an Autodeployed SGA

By combining an autodeployed SGA with Amazon® Web Service’s (AWS) Network Firewall solution, a network administrator can get fine grained control of the outbound web traffic for Frame-managed workloads and still allow them to contact the Frame control plane. This blog will demonstrate how this can be done.

Adding a Streaming Gateway Appliance to Your Bring Your Own Azure Private Network

With BYO Networking, the Nutanix Frame® DaaS solution provisions Frame-managed workloads in your designated Microsoft Azure® VNet. Access to the workloads in that VNet remains within your private network.

Windows OS Optimization Essentials, Part 4: Startup Items

This blog series introduces you to Windows® Operating System (OS) optimizations, starting with version 1903. I will attempt to keep these optimizations as environment agnostic as possible. Hopefully, these optimizations will be just as good to administrators of physical machines as to a virtual environment utilizing Nutanix Frame®, Citrix® Virtual Apps and Desktops, or VMware Horizon®.

Using a Bloomberg Keyboard with Nutanix Frame!

In this blog we will demonstrate the seamless integration of Bloomberg multi-function keyboards within a Frame session via the Frame App. For those unfamiliar, Bloomberg keyboards are specialized devices used by financial services customers to interface with the Bloomberg Anywhere™ solution.

Automate Monitoring of Production Capacity Utilization in Frame

The Nutanix Frame® Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) provides a detailed scheduling capability to ensure that Frame accounts are able to deliver just-in-time production capacity while minimizing the additional cost of having idle cloud capacity.

Nutanix Frame Now Available in Azure Marketplace!

And now, we are excited to announce that we are providing even more flexibility by allowing customers to purchase their Frame subscription directly through the Azure® Marketplace!

Google Cloud and Nutanix Frame Partner to Offer Education Flat-Rate Bundles for Easy and Affordable Hybrid Learning Capabilities

Nutanix has partnered with Google Cloud to bring GCP flat-rate education bundles to U.S.-based educational institutions, helping to access and make use of hybrid cloud offerings in a budget-friendly way.

Enhancing the Security of Application Delivery in Frame

Nutanix’s Frame® desktop-as-a-service, with its ability to deliver virtual desktops and applications on non-persistent virtual machines, is a key part of the security posture of many customers.

Windows OS Optimization Essentials Part 3: Services & Scheduled Tasks

This blog series introduces you to Windows® Operating System (OS) optimizations, starting with version 1903.