Xi Beam

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Cost Optimization



Product License Costs
Fixed for the subscription period True-up results in variable costs
Cloud Governance Coverage
Cost optimization & security compliance Cost governance only
Public & Private Cloud Coverage
Public & private clouds Public clouds only
Multi-Cloud Cost Visibility & Analytics
Cost Anomaly Reporting
Policy Based Start/Stop Automation
Budget Tracking and Alerting
RI Purchase Recommendations
RI Utilization Graphs
One-click to Eliminate Unused Resources
Custom Cost Reports
Extensive customization Very limited customization
Cross-Cloud Workload Cost Analysis
Coming Soon No visibility into a private cloud
Security Compliance



Multi-Cloud Coverage   X
Security Compliance Heatmap   X
Event Driven Security Audits   X
Custom Security Policies & Audits   X
One-click Remediation   X
Custom Security Centers Using Tags   X

Companies that Trust Xi Beam to Manage their Cloud Costs

"Save money with AWS, use Beam! 

... It provides pretty dashboards and analytics. It's not just lots of data scrambled across the screen, It provides actionable insights to optimize your cloud. The guys really know what they're doing and the support is also incredible. It's the missing AWS tool!"

- Airton Sobral, CTO and Co-founder at In Loco Media

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