Avast Uses Xi Beam to Reduce Cost & Improve Performance of Machine Learning Apps on Cloud 

Avast simplified their Reserve Instance planning and gained granular visibility into cloud costs 


Avast is one of the largest security companies in the world using next-gen technologies to fight cyber-attacks in real time. They differ from other companies in that they have an immense cloud based machine learning engine that receives a constant stream of data from hundreds of millions of users. This facilitates learning at unprecedented speeds and makes their artificial intelligence engine smarter and faster than anybody else. 


Avast uses AWS to run some of its Machine Learning (ML) apps. However, due to their extensive need for compute servers to support their global user base, this was creating huge costs on their cloud bill. So the Director of Cloud Infrastructure stepped in to control the budget excess. Opting for Reserve Instance (RI) for cost control is the primary elective for all large enterprises using AWS cloud. But the Avast cloud infrastructure team wanted a more efficient process that helped them plan better for AWS RI.


Xi Beam’s Cost Governance helped Avast gain granular visibility of everyday costs. Beam helped them identify the source of cost spikes and provided analytics with time intervals. With its extensive RI planning and management capabilities, Beam helped them with recommendations on which server families are regularly run. The Avast team found themselves with a complete understanding of breakeven costs and server reservation recommendations to properly navigate and direct cloud spend.


The Avast team now has:

  • Reduced more than 40% on their cloud spend while improving performance.
  • Complete visibility and control over their cloud spend in a single pane.
  • The ability to keep the cloud budget from exceeding with smart alerts
  • Highly efficient, machine intelligence powered RI purchase recommendations
  • Granular spend analytics to know cost spikes and their cause\


Avast can now run their ML apps on AWS cloud with greater performance and optimal cost from a single dashboard. 

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