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Bear Grylls
Bear GryllsBritish Adventurer, Writer and Television Presenter
Dr. Jane Goodall
Dr. Jane GoodallPrimatologist and Anthropologist
Anna Alex
Anna AlexOUTFITTERY, Co-Founder
Sammy Bogaert
Sammy BogaertBank Delen, Senior System Engineer
Chetan Conikee
Chetan ConikeeShiftLeft Inc, Founder/CTO
Adrian Davies
Adrian DaviesStockport Council, IT Operations Manager
Ryan Kennedy
Ryan KennedyUniversity of Reading, Academic Computing Team Manager
Daniele Mancuso
Daniele MancusoTelecom Italia Sparkle, Director of Innovation & Engineering
Bjorn van Reet
Bjorn van ReetKinepolis, CIO
Alessandro Rossi
Alessandro RossiLeonardo, Head of ICT Secure Infrastructure Business Area, Security and Information Systems Division
Kevin Tijssen
Kevin TijssenSligro, Lead Engineer
Dheeraj Pandey
Dheeraj PandeyNutanix, Founder, CEO & Chairman
Sunil Potti
Sunil PottiNutanix, Chief Product & Development Officer
Binny Gill
Binny GillNutanix, CTO, Cloud Services
Ben Gibson
Ben GibsonNutanix, Chief Marketing Officer
Rajiv Mirani
Rajiv MiraniNutanix, CTO, Cloud Platforms
Lou Attanasio
Lou AttanasioNutanix, Chief Revenue Officer
David Sangster
David SangsterNutanix, EVP, Engineering and Operations
Inder Sidhu
Inder SidhuNutanix, EVP, Global Customer Success & Business Operations
Ricardo Jenez
Ricardo JenezNutanix, SVP, Development
Julie O'Brien
Julie O'BrienNutanix, SVP, Corporate Marketing
Chris Kaddaras
Chris KaddarasNutanix, VP, EMEA
Steve Kaplan
Steve KaplanNutanix, VP, Channel & Strategic Sales
Raja Mukhopadhyay
Raja MukhopadhyayNutanix, VP, Product Management
Greg Smith
Greg SmithNutanix, VP Product Marketing
Satyam Vaghani
Satyam VaghaniNutanix, VP, Technology
Kees Baggerman
Kees BaggermanNutanix, Technical Director, Engineering
Prashant Batra
Prashant BatraNutanix, Principal Product Manager
Jason Burns
Jason BurnsNutanix, Technical Marketing Engineer
John Burton
John BurtonNutanix, Staff Systems Reliability Engineer
Anand Chekuri
Anand ChekuriNutanix, Member of Technical Staff
Jeannie Colombo
Jeannie ColomboNutanix, Sr. Director, Platform Engineering
Luke Congdon
Luke CongdonNutanix, Principal Product Manager
Gil Haberman
Gil HabermanDirector of Product Marketing Nutanix
Eric Hammersley
Eric HammersleyNutanix, Technical Director, Security
David Knierim
David KnierimNutanix, Staff Core Performance Engineer
Jon Kohler
Jon KohlerNutanix, Technical Director, Engineering, Vertical Applications
Christie Lee
Christie LeeNutanix, Corporate Systems Engineer
Charu Madan
Charu MadanNutanix, Director of Strategic Alliances
Melina McLarty
Melina McLartyNutanix, Staff Designer
Mark Nijmeijer
Mark NijmeijerNutanix, Director of Product Management
Kelly Olivier
Kelly OlivierNutanix, Systems Architect, U.S. Federal Sales
Zankhana Pathak
Zankhana PathakNutanix, Member of Technical Staff, Engineering
Tarak Parekh
Tarak ParekhNutanix, Principal Product Manager
Bao Phan
Bao PhanNutanix, Sr. Marketing Manager
Steve Poitras
Steve PoitrasNutanix, Principal Solutions Architect
Jennifer Rowland
Jennifer RowlandNutanix, Principal Product Manager
Maryam Sanglaji
Maryam SanglajiNutanix, Principal Product Marketing Manager
Bruno Sousa
Bruno SousaNutanix, Sr. Solutions Architect
Cameron Stockwell
Cameron StockwellNutanix, Senior Product Manager
Brian Suhr
Brian SuhrNutanix, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer
Shubhika Taneja
Shubhika TanejaNutanix, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Michael Webster
Michael WebsterNutanix, Technical Director, Business Critical Apps Engineering
Greg White
Greg WhiteNutanix, Solutions Marketing Principal

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