Justification Letter

Get Your Company on Board

We want you to see you at .NEXT in Chicago in 2023, and we understand the value of your attendance. To that end, we’re here to help you demonstrate to your manager why your attendance would be beneficial to your business. We invite you to use or edit this template for your needs.

Dear [Supervisor’s Name],

I’d like your approval to attend the Nutanix .NEXT 2023 conference on May 9–10, 2023 in Chicago.

At the event, I’ll be able to take in a wide range of sessions on streamlining IT and cloud management for greater security and agility, and test-drive Nutanix products as well as offerings from their partners. Just as significantly, I’ll be able to network with skilled, accomplished professionals who can help me learn and grow.

Nutanix .NEXT 2023 is slated to feature dozens of keynotes, breakouts, and customer stories. These speakers are actively implementing a hybrid cloud infrastructure at their organizations. I’ll be able to pick up firsthand tips on how they did it, as well as hard numbers reflecting their cost savings and time-to-market acceleration.

I’m also committed to sharing everything I learn with my colleagues here at [My Company]. IT, and the cloud in particular, are evolving fast. We don’t want to get left behind.

I believe that in the long run, my attendance at this event is a true investment that can save [My Company] significant time and money. That said, I understand that every penny counts, so I’ve carefully budgeted $[Total Cost] to attend Nutanix .NEXT 2023. A worksheet with details is attached for you.

I appreciate your consideration, and your commitment to keeping [My Company] on the cutting edge of datacenter and cloud infrastructure.