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Day One
Tuesday, September 8th 9am | Pacific Daylight Time (Initial Broadcast)
Wednesday, September 9th 10am | Singapore Time
Wednesday, September 9th 9am | Central European Summer Time
Opening Keynote: Join Nutanix CEO Dheeraj Pandey as he shares his perspective on leadership imperatives, why technology matters, and the future of work. Dr. Condoleezza Rice and industry guests will discuss the future of education, healthcare, and financial services—and how technology is driving innovation and exceptional customer experiences in industries everywhere. Plus, tune in for exciting hybrid and multi-cloud partnerships, an expert take on “Infinite Computing” from Constellation Research Analyst, Ray Wang, and a crash-course in optimism from Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why, Leaders Eat Last, Together is Better, and The Infinite Game. You won’t want to miss out!
Breakout Cluster 1 Breakout Cluster 2 Breakout Cluster 3 Breakout Cluster 4
Nutanix & End User Computing (EUC) Vision: Empower Your EUC Initiatives VDI Deep Dive: Architecting a Robust End-User Computing Solution with Nutanix Accelerate Your DevOps Journey How to Build, Stage, and Deploy IoT and AI Applications
Nutanix DR and Backup: Unbeatable Strategies for Protecting your Apps on Hybrid Cloud Nutanix Mine: Integrated Data Protection Powered by Hyperconvergence Achieving the Hybrid Cloud Dream: A First-Hand Experience with the Nutanix Distributed Storage Fabric Nutanix Files: Bring Intelligent File Storage to Your Hybrid Cloud - Part 1
What Hyperconvergence Can Do That Legacy Infrastructure Can't Best Practices for Automating Your IT Operations Deep Dive into the Native Virtualization Architecture of Nutanix AHV VMware Runs Great on Nutanix
Nutanix Era Deep Dive: One-Click Database-as-a-Service Oracle Deep Dive: Architecting for Performance and Availability Boost Your Productivity: The Business Necessity of Predictive IT Health and Support Automation Security and Trust in your Nutanix Enterprise Cloud
Nutanix Clusters: Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with Nutanix and Hyperscalers It’s here! Intel® Optane™ SSDs for Nutanix
Brought to you by Intel®
Why now is the time to re-think infrastructure?
Brought to you by Fujitsu
Improving Data Availability with Veeam & Nutanix
Brought to you by Veeam®
Nutanix 101: Building Your Hybrid Cloud with Nutanix Nutanix Insider Introduction to Nutanix Central HPE & Nutanix Partnership: Accelerate and Simplify your IT Transformation
Brought to you by HPE
Test Drive Live Lab - Automate and Simplify Database Operations with Era Test Drive Live Lab - Enable Intelligent IT Operations with Prism
.NEXT Show Day One: Join us for a two day unforgettable .NEXT Show experience with hosts Georgie Barrat, Nutanix Leadership, and special guests. During day one of our show, we will be revealing the final winners from the much anticipated annual Customer Awards Ceremony.
Day Two
Wednesday, September 9th 9am | Pacific Daylight Time (Initial Broadcast)
Thursday, September 10th 10am | Singapore Time
Thursday, September 10th 9am | Central European Summer Time
Day Two Opening Keynote: Get your notepads out. We’re sharing the latest breakthroughs in datacenter, hybrid, and multi-cloud technologies! Join the industry’s brightest minds to learn how Nutanix is bringing infrastructure, applications, data, and clouds all together for a seamless hybrid and multi-cloud experience. You’ll get a sneak peek into next-generation hyperconvergence, the coolest advancements in datacenter, DevOps, database, and desktop services, and how Nutanix has evolved to create the ideal foundation for hybrid cloud. No boring presentations here—we firmly believe seeing is believing, so get set for some exciting demos! This can’t-miss session will show you how Nutanix enables you to run better, faster, and anywhere.
Breakout Cluster 1 Breakout Cluster 2 Breakout Cluster 3
Achieving Multi-Cloud with Software Defined Networking Get to Know the Nutanix Architecture Part 1 NEXT Level Hyperconverged Performance Innovations
Learn from the Experts: How to Build a Bulletproof Business Continuity Strategy Deep Dive: Understanding Xi Leap Architecture and Network Connectivity Choices How to Achieve Zero Trust Application Security
Introducing Karbon Services: Kubernetes-based Multi-cloud PaaS Driving Automation & Self-Service in Hybrid Cloud with Nutanix Calm Take the Weekend Off - Lifecycle Manager Has You Covered!
Deep Dive into Nutanix Clusters: True Hybrid Cloud Defined SQL Server Deep Dive: Architecting for Performance and Availability How to Size, Migrate, and Run SAP on Nutanix
Xi Frame Deep Dive: Best Practices for Architecting a DaaS Solution Making Migration, Backup & Recovery Simple With the Only Native to Nutanix Solution
Brought to you by HYCU
Breakthrough Hyperconverged Solutions with AMD EPYC™ and Nutanix
Brought to you by AMD
Helping you navigate the “Smarter Normal”
Brought to you by Lenovo
Step up your digital transformation to the (.)NEXT level with Nutanix and Wipro
Brought to you by Wipro
How to Secure Private Cloud
Brought to you by Palo Alto Networks
Test Drive Live Lab - Deploy Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) with Xi Frame Test Drive Live Lab - Implement IT Self-service and Application Automation with Calm
Closing Keynote: To start things off, join the “Dirtiest Man on TV” for an awe-inspiring keynote you won’t want to miss. Mike Rowe, best-selling author and host of Dirty Jobs, hits the virtual stage for a discussion on his long list of jobs, his role as a freelancer, and his take on innovation, disruption, grit, and heart. We'll close out .NEXT with a few surprises, so don’t blink an eye!

Next up, Security tools aren’t cheap, so why is security still so complex? And why should businesses expect additional complexity when they expand their workloads to the cloud? This is even more true in today’s hybrid and multi-cloud reality. Join industry experts from Nutanix and beyond to crush the complexity, high costs, and unpredictability of traditional approaches to security. We’ll show you a world where security isn’t an afterthought, but instead a necessity that’s baked into everything we do.

Don't leave just yet, we will finish out Day 2 with an unforgettable .NEXT Show experience with hosts Georgie Barrat and special guests like Trevor Noah!
Day Three - Partner Xchange
Thursday, September 10th 9am | Pacific Daylight Time (Initial Broadcast)
Friday, September 11th 10am | Singapore Time
Friday, September 11th 9am | Central European Summer Time
Partner Xchange Keynote: Own the Future with Nutanix

Trust. Profit. Transformation. You look for all of these things and more in your partnership with Nutanix. Join Nutanix leaders Christian Alvarez, Tarkan Maner, Claudia Lee, and special guests including Citrix CMO Tim Minahan who will shed light on exciting developments in these key areas. Whether its insight into our new partner program enabling you to capture strategic multi-cloud and subscription selling opportunities; your path to adding new services offerings for greater portfolio profit; or the latest tools that will enable your lead gen and growth – the Partner Xchange Keynote will set the direction for how you can leverage Nutanix to enable your success. This session is sponsored by our partners Fujitsu & HYCU

Immediately following the keynote, discover who will come away with a coveted award during our exciting 2020 Partner Awards Digital Ceremony!
Breakout Cluster 1 Breakout Cluster 2 Breakout Cluster 3
Show me the IOPS: The Wonderful World of Performance Benchmarking How to Capture the Incredible Services Opportunity with Nutanix Seeing is Believing: Building a Bigger Pipeline with Nutanix Test Drive
Mastering the Art of Selling EUC in the New Normal Power Up Your Pitch: Whiteboarding Pro Session Sizer Suite: Your Trusted Advisor for Cloud Deployments
Augmenting Your Nutanix Business with Technology Alliance Solutions Technology Alliance Session - Partnering for Business Growth
One Platform Any Application: Solution Updates for Global System Integrations Nutanix Portfolio 101: Technical Primer
Partner Xchange Breakout Sessions will be available on demand on Friday following the Partner Xchange Keynotes in EMEA and APJ Regions.


Customer Spotlight Sessions

Year over year, we hear the value of customer stories told at .NEXT, this year is no different. Listen in on what our customers have to say about our solutions! We have you covered, from End User Computing, to Databases, to Automation & Operations sessions, there are 40+ global stories that could resonate with your digital transformation. Don't miss out on these Customer Spotlight sessions, available for you to view on-demand, on your schedule, at your own pace.

Best Practices Outside the Datacenter: Maximizing Your Remote and Branch Office (ROBO) Deployments

This session will teach you how to efficiently deploy, manage, and optimize hundreds of ROBO and edge locations. Discover the advancements for reducing costs and streamlining ROBO IT administration, including multi-site policy management, security and data protection, IoT and file storage, one-click infrastructure upgrades, and more.

Plus, don’t miss hearing from a real-life customer about their experiences and best practices with Nutanix ROBO solutions.

Cloud Management Platforms Simplified

Hybrid and multi-cloud architectures are more flexible and agile than their single cloud counterparts, but with them come new challenges and questions. Businesses are asking, "How can I standardize deployment and manage resources across private and public? How can I gain visibility into cloud consumption? Is there a way to ensure security compliance practices are enforced in both private and public clouds?"

Join cloud pros in this session for answers to those questions and more, and walk away with best practices and tools to achieve multi-cloud harmony and support your long-term goals.

Cost Savings and Governance for Your Public and Private Clouds

This session will teach you how to efficiently deploy, manage, and optimize hundreds of ROBO and edge locations. Discover the advancements for reducing costs and streamlining ROBO IT administration, including multi-site policy management, security and data protection, IoT and file storage, one-click infrastructure upgrades, and more.

Plus, don’t miss hearing from a real-life customer about their experiences and best practices with Nutanix ROBO solutions.

Deep Dive into Hyperconverged Infrastructure Evaluations and Resiliency Analysis

Have you been evaluating hyperconverged platforms? Chances are, you've been using traditional methods and performance metrics to understand which vendor to choose, but those can only tell so much. With Nutanix HCI, IOPs numbers can't cover the full benefits our customers have realized.

That's where Nutanix X-Ray comes in. X-Ray was developed to measure HCI platform resiliency, such as when nodes fail, new applications are introduced, and much more. As a result, customers are able to make informed decisions for their HCI projects. Hear from industry performance experts on what makes X-Ray different and how to best use it for your IT projects.

Deploying a Secure and Frictionless Data Center in Healthcare

Delivering better patient outcomes and enabling clinician productivity relies on an infrastructure and cloud solution that just works—not round-the-clock management.

This session will introduce you to the most important technologies healthcare organizations are leveraging to save costs, secure sensitive customer data, and run mission-critical applications like EHR, PACS, and analytics.

3 Reasons Why Customers Are Choosing Xi Leap Disaster Recovery

There's a lot to love about Xi Leap, Nutanix's disaster recovery cloud-based service. It's a powerful way to protect all your applications and data without the complexity and costs associated with managing a full-blown, DR-dedicated datacenter.

But if we had to identify the top 3 reasons businesses are flocking to DRaaS, we'd put simplicity, reliability, and lower TCO at the forefront. This session will equip you with everything you need to know about DRaaS, and you'll walk away knowing how to leverage Xi Leap for your Nutanix-delivered applications.

Ensuring Application Security for EUC Environments

End-user computing is a popular way to securely deliver applications and desktops. And while VDI is an excellent way to ensure that applications and data are accessed and managed in a central and hopefully secure manner, it cannot guarantee the same for the infrastructure and networks delivering EUC services.

Join this session to learn best practices for deploying and securing VDI in your Nutanix environment with Nutanix Flow and AHV.

AHV Metro Availability: Achieve 0 Data Loss for Business-Critical Applications

Modern businesses require modern disaster recovery solutions that deliver continuous uptime, ensuring business-critical applications are up and running automatically—free from interruptions and data loss during a disaster.

Join this session to learn how you can achieve zero downtime for your applications with continuous protection through AHV Metro Availability. Experience the one-click simplicity of the solution with granular VM migrations across two AHV clusters. All without any downtime.

Getting Started: Why Nutanix AHV is Made for Your Enterprise Applications

Your public cloud is invisible—why should virtualization be any different? It sounds simple enough, but we know switching hypervisors can seem daunting, especially if vendor lock-in has you feeling tied to your in-place solution.

Get all your questions answered in this AHV-dedicated session. We'll review common virtualization management tasks with AHV and demonstrate how much better operations are when HCI and virtualization come together.

Build the Foundation of a Successful Cloud Native Enterprise With Nutanix

When implemented properly, cloud-native technologies can accelerate agility and scalability. But on that quest, IT operations and developers aren't keeping pace with one another—especially with the complexity and confusion that comes with Kubernetes.

Whether you're looking to containerize legacy applications or completely refactor them for microservices, this session is for you. Join experts for guidance on how Nutanix enables you to operationalize and manage Kubernetes with turnkey simplicity and deliver all of the critical resources developers need to build and run cloud-native applications at scale.

Featured Product(s): Karbon, Prism, Calm, Files, Objects

After Day 1 with Nutanix: Mastering and Maximizing your Operations

Congratulations, you've deployed Nutanix! Your first day was easy, but what do you do next?

You're probably thinking about health, workload monitoring, upgrades, daily management, and capacity analytics. Sounds difficult? Don't worry—this session will show you how to make the most out of your Nutanix investment.

We'll review how easy it is to operationalize Nutanix in your organization. Join specialists and see how to leverage common management with Prism, predictive analytics with Prism Pro, and effortless software maintenance and upgrades with Lifecycle Manager (LCM).

Inside Availability and Resiliency at Any Scale

Reliable operations and services, now more than ever, are helping determine a business's success. How can you bring those into your own datacenter?

This session is an excellent place to start. Nutanix hyperconvergence was built on the same design principles that powerhouses like Google and Amazon use. The result? You get robust data protection and application availability at any scale.

Join for an inside view of Nutanix AOS' efficient and resilient data services and learn how to keep your applications and data available at all times and ensure you always keep pace with ever-growing business demands.

Introduction to Kubernetes for Infrastructure Teams

Containers have become the preferred way to develop and run applications in enterprises of all sizes. But it's easy for early adopters to forget that widespread adoption takes time while business-critical features mature, leaving many IT administrators in the dark with this new barrage of technologies and terminology.

Join us in this introductory session to learn what containers are and are not, what Kubernetes is and what it provides, and what you need to tackle this seismic shift in application infrastructure today.

Make One-Click Application Mobility a Reality

Application workload mobility across clouds is a must-have capability for enterprises as they deploy their applications across different infrastructure stacks: public cloud and on-prem clouds. Mobility should be as simple as selecting the app and clicking ""move"" for a transparent and seamless experience. Eliminate the need for forklifts when migrating to or between clouds. Attend this session to learn how Nutanix is redefining and simplifying mobility in the hybrid cloud era.

Featured Product(s): Move

Secure Your Operations Like a Pro

No one said life as a security engineer would be glamorous, but tasks like incident response, regulatory compliance, vulnerability scanning, malware analysis, digital forensics, and firewall configuration are time-consuming enough. So when new a new datacenter technology enters the game, it can quickly overburden an already busy IT team.

It's time for an automated answer. In this session, you will learn what it means to onboard a Nutanix cluster into existing SecOps practices and leverage the power of automation to react to real-world threats.

Deliver an Integrated Storage Fabric for Your Hybrid Cloud

Businesses have a difficult choice to make when deciding between private and public cloud. While the former is cost-effective and secure, the latter is flexible and scalable. How can they get the best of both worlds, and do it in a single, easy-to-use platform?

Hybrid cloud is the no-brainer answer, but hybrid cloud storage isn't always straightforward. Join this session to learn how Nutanix storage solutions enable a single point of control for management, delivering full visibility for IT teams.

Get familiar with Prism Central, Files, Objects, and Nutanix Clusters, and see how they're rapidly simplifying the task of hybrid cloud storage management.

The ABCs of Nutanix APIs: Your Orchestration and Automation First Steps

Automation is turning manual, repetitive IT tasks into a thing of the past—including in the datacenter. Nutanix provides not only a world-class user interface, but also a comprehensive set of APIs to allow the automation of provisioning, data collection, and other tasks.

In this demo-packed session, You'll explore Nutanix APIs—from provisioning to other Day 0 and Day 1 operations. Learn how you can easily leverage Nutanix APIs for orchestration and automation of infrastructure, VMs, networking, and monitoring.

Featured Product(s): Prism

Networking in Your Nutanix Environment

Networking is your datacenter glue, but do you know how to build reliable, high-performing networks? Consider this session your how-to guide.

In this session, Nutanix experts lead a technical discussion on critical design considerations, and avoiding common mistakes when designing networks for enterprise applications running on HCI.

Come learn how to design the best network architecture, the right switch configurations, ideal network and traffic isolation strategies, performance optimizations, and updates on advanced networking features.

The ROI Story - Justifying Disruptive Technology

Steve Kaplan, author of The ROI Story: A Guide for IT Leaders, discusses how organizations can use financial analysis to define a hybrid cloud strategy that lowers their IT budget, reduces risk, and enhances agility. Join Steve as he covers topics like why traditional IT is broken, why “cloud-first” can be a dangerous policy, and the reality of cloud-era virtualization.

Effortless IT Operations: The Power of Application Visibility and Auto-Pilot Control

Ensuring service quality means knowing how your applications are performing. But too often, performance adjustments have to be done manually, which is inefficient and tough to scale. IT needs tools to break the information barriers between applications and infrastructure and put key performance indicators on autopilot.

That's where Prism Ops comes in. Join this session to see how it discovers applications, delivers performance visibility to IT administrators, and lets IT teams design and control the auto-pilot to maintain the best service performance.

Product(s): Prism Ops

Troubleshooting Tips for When Things go Wrong

When it comes to safeguarding your applications, Nutanix AOS wins in the resiliency category. But sometimes things happen, and you have to prepared to ensure minimal-to-no interruption to daily business operations.

Team up with Nutanix systems reliability experts to learn best practices for troubleshooting and resolving issues in your Nutanix environment, so your business stays operational at all times.

Agile Security and Ops with Well Architected Splunk on Nutanix

Dealing with performance, availability, and scalability challenges in your IT operations? See the real-world problems being solved with Splunk on Nutanix and find best practices you'll need to architect and run the solution.

Join customers in this technical session as they discuss their deployment experience, approach, and lessons learned. Plus, learn how Splunk helps improve business operations by identifying and remediating bottlenecks, reducing SecOps risks with continuous threat detection, and driving continuous improvement in SecOps and IT Ops across the organization.

By the end you'll have the full picture why Nutanix is the recommended platform to simplify, stabilize, scale, and support your Splunk deployments.

Get to Know the Nutanix Architecture Part 2

Think all hyperconverged technologies are the same? Think again. This double-length session will take you on a deep dive of the Nutanix architecture, including design principles, differentiators, and more.

Join Nutanix engineers and experts and see what makes the Nutanix solution a market leader and the hyperconverged platform of choice for thousands of datacenters.

In Case You Missed it: Nutanix Product Updates

Technology moves pretty fast. And at Nutanix, we're always striving to deliver the latest and greatest features to simplify operations, reduce costs, and improve application performance. If you've missed out on some of these advancements, this session is your chance to get caught up.

Join Nutanix experts in this fast-paced session to review the most recent updates to our software portfolio and learn how they can be leveraged in your application and use cases.

Security Planning, Operations and Compliance for Your Hybrid Cloud

Security isn't a one time set and forget process. Success comes from continuous planning, monitoring, and adapting to the ever-changing cyberthreat landscape.

Whether you're concerned with malware/ransomware, data breach, or compliance to PCI, HIPAA, or GDPR, you should be implementing a security operations strategy. Join this session to learn how Nutanix helps reduce the complexity of policy planning, provides visibility and monitoring of security posture and can play a crucial role in your compliance auditing and reporting.

Nutanix Era: Databases as a Service

Many organizations are turning to database-as-a-service (DBaaS) solutions with Nutanix Era for the future. In this session we’ll discuss how Era is solving both DBA and infrastructure headaches across various different scenarios including production, dev/test, and DR. Experts will touch on how tasks such as provisioning, copy data management, and patch management. We’ll also walk through a real world scenario (with a real world customer) on the steps of deploying Nutanix for databases including Era, migrating databases, scaling, and more.

Nutanix Files: Bring Intelligent File Storage to Your Hybrid Cloud - Part 2

Nutanix Files offers you real-time visibility, scale, and control of your data from the data center the public cloud. In this 2 part session, come and learn about how you can manage billion of files large or small with 1-click Simplicity. In part 1, we will deep dive into the Nutanix Files software-defined architecture and its enterprise-grade features. In part 2, we will dig deep into real-time analytics and show you what’s happening with your data plus a sneak peek of upcoming features.

Scale Operational Compliance with Nutanix and ServiceNow

Managing your IT infrastructure at scale used to be an agonizing feat. Thankfully, the days of complex management are over. This session will show you how Nutanix can be integrated with ServiceNow’s ITSM platform to comply with enterprise-grade ITIL processes.

We will cover CMDB integration, incident and event management, service request management, and fulfillment. We will also cover the license assessments capabilities built into ServiceNow to better understand your software entitlements.

Featured Product(s): Prism Ops, Calm

Understanding Nutanix Objects: Your Answer to Secure, Scalable, On-Demand Object Storage

In the cloud, object storage is a long-standing answer to most storage woes, but it's time for organizations reevaluate object storage and see if it's time for a makeover.

Join us for a deep dive on Nutanix Objects, its latest and upcoming capabilities, and successful best practices our customers have employed to deliver simple, secure, and scalable object storage for all of their use cases.

VDI Intro - A Joint Nutanix & Citrix Journey

What if you could deliver a great user experience without all the legacy complexity of the datacenter? What if the same team that manages desktops and apps could also manage servers, storage, and virtualization? What if issues can be resolved in minutes, not days? What if you could guarantee the same linear cost and performance whether you scale from 500 to 50,000 users? That’s the power of the integrated Citrix and Nutanix solution for end-user computing.

Join this session to learn how Citrix and Nutanix simplifies virtualized application and desktop delivery. With Citrix Cloud and Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, simplify the deployment of your virtual apps and desktops. The results will always be the same: simplicity, fast deployments, and lower cost compared to managing physical desktops.

Xi Frame Intro: Application and Desktop Delivery Made Simple

End-user computing (EUC) environments have become complex and difficult to manage. IT infrastructure spans from on-prem to cloud, and users are increasingly asking to work from anywhere, at any time, and at any device. This session will show you why Xi Frame, a desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solution is the answer.

Join Frame experts and learn how to solve EUC complexity, alleviate security concerns, and rapidly provision virtualized applications. Topics covered will include: Frame's position in the Nutanix EUC portfolio, how to deploy Frame in 5 easy steps, and real-world benefits Frame customers have experienced.

Designing for the Subscription Economy

Attend this session to learn best practices in designing a business model as a Service Provider. This session will cover both technical and commercial considerations as well as how to use data to glean insights to drive further consumption.

The Day After Tomorrow: Enabling Secure Government Telework During a Crisis and Beyond (PS - Federal)

The sudden onset of pandemic responses forced government agencies to react quickly to enable their users to remain productive, but what comes next? How do agencies build in agility and resilience to prepare for the new normal of telework and the inevitable next crisis? In this session, you'll hear firsthand from the front lines about customers whose reactions and planning keep them one step ahead.

Taking Mission Critical Networking Services to the Next Level - Brought to you by Infoblox

This session will include an overview of Infoblox product offerings and highlight the benefits they bring to support mission critical applications. You’ll learn about the possibilities of efficiently deploying, managing and automating secure DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (DDI) services across private, public or hybrid clouds. We’ll also cover value added services of discovery, network automation, and traffic control. Customer use cases will be referenced.

5G and It’s Use Cases - Brought to you by Supermicro

Recent years 5G has been a heavily used term for future technology advancement. In this talk Yaming will discuss what is 5G, the major technical differentiations 5G has over 4G especially for the Radio Access Network. There are three major use cases that will be enabled by 5G: uRLLC, mMTC and eMBB. This talk will cover these use cases via 5G and edge computing that is needed inside and outside of Operators network.

CDW Managing and Orchestrating your Nutanix Environment - Brought to you by CDW

CDW has new managed offerings for Nutanix which include everything from basic systems implementation and integration to fully hosted managed services. In this session, let us show you why CDW is more than just a hardware reseller and how we can manage your entire Nutanix environment from on-premises to the cloud and back.

Four Ways to Enhance Availability and Productivity in Complex Storage Environments - Brought to you by Peer Software

Nutanix Files and Objects are powerful, scale-out platforms that address a rapidly growing storage market estimated at nearly $115 billion in 2025. With the addition of real-time active replication technology, you can take these solutions to the next level of application and data performance, availability, and synergy with existing and future storage systems. Attend this session to learn how you can:
  • Deliver fast local access to files for distributed teams and applications while ensuring version integrity.
  • Enable continuous availability and load balancing for user and application data.
  • Power coexistence with existing NAS and hybrid cloud storage systems, as well as between file and object formats.
  • Analyze existing storage for resource planning, optimization, and minimally disruptive data migrations.

Reliable Platform, Better Choice of HCI - Inspur InMerge HCI Solution - Brought to you by Inspur

Inspur is the top IT solution provider in the server area and it ranked No.3 worldwide in 2020. Leveraging their respective strengths, Inspur and Nutanix launched the inMerge appliance and Certified server nodes.

Join this session where Inspur will introduce their international R&D product series and their joint HCI solution with Nutanix including high density and GPU models.

Staying the course – How Lenovo is helping customers through these uncertain times. - Brought to you by Lenovo

IT organizations continuously struggle to find the right balance between innovating to meet business goals and just keeping the lights on from an infrastructure perspective. We all agree that business doesn’t stop just because you are working remotely, and finding that balance between innovation and operations has become even more critical now.

Come join Lenovo in this session where we will expound on how we are aiding customers to stay on track and extract more value from their existing investments. We will also explore how you can expand and evolve your infrastructure, and guide you to make the right decisions when it comes to managing your data and applications on-premises, in a multi-cloud or in a hybrid cloud model.

HPE ProLiant DX with Nutanix – Solutions for Today’s IT Challenges - Brought to you by HPE

From the edge to the data center, scale-up or scale-out, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Nutanix together have built an industry leading customer driven portfolio. Learn all about the exciting new additions to the HPE ProLiant DX portfolio optimized for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software and how you can adopt these solutions to modernize your infrastructure.

Intel / Nutanix Hybrid-Multi Cloud Reference Solution powered by Nutanix Clusters and Intel Technologies - Brought to you by Intel

Intel and Nutanix together provide customers a greater choice for workload portability with a cloud-first approach on Any cloud, extending on-premises capabilities for modern applications. This session will feature a Joint Intel/Nutanix Hybrid-Multi Cloud Reference solution that provides a consistent infrastructure to run on Any Cloud (AWS, Azure etc), On-premises and eventually at the edge. The consistency of the hybrid-cloud infrastructure comes from a variety of products with powered by Intel’s latest technology Intel Xeon, Networking & Optane technologies that includes validated recipes for Compute, Network and Storage with built-in Platform security. The capability is enhanced by Nutanix Clusters and other products such as Acropolis Hypervisor, HCI, Xi and Prism.

Benefiting from Virtual/Cloud Desktops and Apps for the “New Normal” with Nutanix and IGEL - Brought to you by IGEL

Now more than ever, enterprises need to offer flexible work options to their people to keep business up and running. Remote and at-home work are now “a given” part of many users’ typical workday. From VDI and DaaS to cloud-hosted desktops and apps, Nutanix and IGEL contribute some key complementary technologies that enable organizations to keep their people happy while maintaining business continuity during these highly unpredictable times. In this session you will learn how combining products and services from Nutanix and IGEL can help to enable your business to not just continue to operate, but to economically thrive while dealing with extreme, unplanned challenges – now and in the future.

Simplify and Automate The Physical Network Fabric with Apstra and Nutanix Prism - Brought to you by Apstra

Gartner stated that enterprises are three times more likely to fail in their digital transformation initiatives if they don't first transform the network infrastructure. Digital transformation initiatives are accelerating, so enterprises must quickly transform their network infrastructures to eliminate the risk of failure while delivering a simple operating model for speed and flexibility. Nutanix and Apstra are revolutionizing the industry by enabling enterprises to deploy and operate the hyper-converged infrastructure at any scale, across infrastructures composed of single or multiple vendors and workloads.

Apstra, the pioneers of Intent-based Networking, delivers this through powerful abstraction and automation of the networking infrastructure, enabling a simple operational model across multiple vendors and workloads. Apstra's Operating System (AOS) provides a seamless cloud experience beyond Nutanix environments, including bare metal servers and VMware environments.

Attend this session to learn how AOS continuously tracks the state of the infrastructure, merging it with application information in a single source of truth. As a result, the operator has complete confidence that the infrastructure is delivering on its "intent," on a per-application basis, or is notified in the event of any failure to provide intent.

Developing An Agile Methodology for Cloud Native Infrastructures - Brought to you by Insight

As customers look to deliver virtual applications into serverless models and containerization/orchestration, having the proper plan and identifying considerations for an adoption strategy proves to be cost effective and minimizes disruption. In this session we will share our experiences and process in helping clients identify which workloads can be prime candidates, which need additional consideration, and which may not benefit from such a migration. In addition, we will demonstrate how today’s Nutanix software-defined solutions help streamline adoption.

Take Control with Application Visibility in Nutanix Private Clouds - Brought to you by Gigamon

Private Clouds are on the ascent. To ensure comprehensive security with superior performance you need full packet and application visibility. As such environments are also very dynamic and complex, automation is critical to success.

Today, to acquire and forward traffic you likely manually deploy hardware network TAPs or tediously install processing intensive agents for each tool on each compute node. There is a better way. Learn how next-gen Network Packet Brokers collaborate with cloud orchestration tools in hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI) to automatically provision agentless VMs to obtain all traffic. Next, app flows are identified, optimally processed and distributed to the proper tools. Network efficiency rises, user experience enhanced and over 50% of traffic can be eliminated thereby improving tool effectiveness with less scaling.

What You Will Learn:
  • Overcome private cloud challenges with HCI
  • Obtain comprehensive app-layer visibility throughout the cloud
  • Leverage advantages of next-gen network packet brokers
  • Ensure infrastructure automation with orchestration tool integration

Why Use Open Source to Build Your Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Mission-Critical Applications - Brought to you by SUSE

Ever wondered why you should build your hyperconverged infrastructure on an open source platform like SUSE? In this session, Paul Fazio from SUSE will de-mystify open source and discuss how open source technologies can be a robust and scalable platform for your applications. Join to learn why SUSE Linux should be your first choice of platform if you run SAP - it can simplify and modernize infrastructure, thereby enabling your IT teams to focus on business critical projects. You’ll also find out about the strengthening partnership between Nutanix and SUSE and how that benefits you directly.

Operational Efficiency in SAP Landscapes: Where do I Begin? - Brought to you by Fujitsu

A lot of customers believe that operational efficiency is a hard fought battle. Technologies today change at a rapid pace at the infrastructure level. SAP Landscapes are no different. And when we add to this the next dimension technologies, the horizon of operational efficiency keeps going further away. It takes both best of breed infrastructure solutions as well as expert consulting from Fujitsu to harmonize the demons of the datacenter.

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