Your Mission: Make Virtualization Invisible

Rockets are complicated, but AHV is easy. Learn how to deploy, configure, and manage Nutanix AHV in just a few minutes.

Migrate to AHV

Getting away from complex architectures or legacy hypervisors has never been this fast and easy

Move Migration from Hyper-V to AHV

Automate migrations from with Move to quickly and simply switch to AHV with minimal downtime

Migration from ESXi to AHV

Automate migrations from with Move to quickly and simply switch to AHV with minimal downtime

In-Place ESXi to AHV Conversion

Seamlessly convert an ESXi cluster running on Nutanix HCI to AHV with minimal downtime

Initial Setup

Setting up Prism Central unified cluster management, users, roles, and more

Deploying the Prism Central VM

Install Prism Central to establish the multi-cluster management user interface

Adding a Cluster to Prism Central

Register and connect new clusters to Prism Central for centralized operations, visibility, and management

Using AD for Prism Authentication

Add authentication in Prism via Microsoft Active Directory

Day One Basics

Getting started creating and managing VMs, taking snapshots, expanding capacity, and more

Using Host Affinity | AHV Mission Control | Nutanix University

Find out how to use AHV VM host affinity policies in this demo from Arjoyita Roy. You'll be able to create policies that manage where VMs run with a few simple configuration steps.

Rename Your AHV Host

Learn how to use the new AHV host rename feature in Prism Central.

Managing ISOs and Images

How to upload guest OS ISOs and hard disk images into the centralized Prism Image Service

Advanced Operations

Understanding performance, usage and capacity, alerts, auditing, health checks, and more

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform Marketplace Deployment

Easily deploy and manage Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform from Nutanix Prism using the Marketplace

AHV Memory Overcommit

Learn how to enable Memory Overcommit in AHV to fully utilize the unused memory capacity

Seamless NVIDIA vGPU host driver upgrades with LCM

Learn how to seamlessly upgrade NVIDIA vGPU host driver with Nutanix Life Cycle Manager