Emerging From COVID: The New Agile Enterprise


Building a digital culture is going to be critical to the role of the C-Suites in creating the new agile enterprise. Digital culture comprises three strategic priorities that we’ll highlight in this blog. 1) Future Workplace. 2) Value Economics. 3) Data-Driven Innovation. If you’re ready for the to-do lists and to uplevel your organization then you can download them here.

1. Future Workplace 

The new agile enterprise is going to have to take on future-proofing the workplace. This means developing better practices for remote work, office work, and sustaining that work for years to come. As the job market begins to rebuild and open up again, there are whole new standards of work that applicants are expecting their next employer to uphold. Companies must be more sensitive and understanding to these expectations as remote work has become more established and how C-Suites must make shaping a digital workplace for everyone a priority. Check out our easy and essential to-do list for CXOs to move the needle on future-proofing the workplace as a key joint strategic priority.

How can Nutanix help you future-proof your workplace? Nutanix helps companies deliver virtual apps in 5 easy steps through Frame, which is a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS). Deliver virtual apps and desktops to users worldwide. Either in the cloud with AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform. Or on-premises with Nutanix AHV.

Download your future-proofed to-do list

"The new agile enterprise is going to have to take on future-proofing the workplace. This means developing better practices for remote work, office work, and sustaining that work for years to come. "

2. Value Economics 

How are you accelerating out of the crisis to accelerate implementation of a balance between investing in cost-reduction and revenue-generating technology? The 2020 crisis exposed the misallocation of capital in all organizations. That is why value economics and driving topline growth are becoming so important to rationalize investments and sparking a collaboration between CFOs and CIOs. This collaboration is an opportunity to maximize the value of any organization’s investment in their cloud assets and their data.

Take the leap into uncompromising cloud freedom with Nutanix. Embrace a hybrid multicloud platform that prioritizes simplicity, flexibility, and your freedom of choice. Leave complex migrations, vendor lock-in, confusing app refactoring, and lack of control behind. The Nutanix hybrid multicloud will give you the chance to call the shots in your clouds and partnership.

Learn how to extract true value and maximize your cloud investments.

3. Data-Driven Innovation

Are you tired of hearing data is your most important and valuable asset? Even if you are, it still remains true and all organizations have work to do. Data is the currency of a digital business and the C-Suite must empower the business and pave the way for digital success with data and insights at scale. Becoming an “intelligent organization” should be a top business priority for you, nearly 87% of CXOs are taking this snapshot of the bigger picture. The role data strategies will play to support current and future needs are what will decide who is swimming and who is floating.

Accelerate your business transformation today. Industry leaders successfully reduce costs, achieve faster time to market, and deliver better customer experiences with a strong cloud foundation built on Nutanix hybrid multicloud solutions. We deliver the software and let you pick your hardware, whether it is Nutanix appliances, OEM appliances, or validated servers to help you innovate based on the data your organization is using to develop your business strategy.

Start your journey towards becoming an “intelligent organization”.

“65% of global GDP will be digitalized,”according to IDC studies, that is why Nutanix in partnership with IDC developed these InfoBriefs. Because CXOs around the world are innovating and finding ways to sustain future-proofing their workplaces, value economics, and data-driven innovation.

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