Digital Disruption
With Dr. Art Langer

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Led by Dr. Art Langer of Columbia University Center for Technology Management and
his team of mentor CIOs, Masterclass is an exclusive, invitation-only class on thought
leadership topics, including digital transformation and their impact on business.


9:00 Breakfast and Networking

9:30 Digital Disruption and Transformation

11:00 Break

11:15 Technology Executive Career Arc Exercise

12:00 Lunch and Networking

13:00 Q&A Panel & Discussion with Mentor CIOs

14:30 Break

15:00 How IT Leaders Provide Strategic Advantages

16:30 Conclusion

17:30+ Drinks and Dinner

Accredited by Columbia University and benefit from post-class access to papers, research and assistance.

Led by Dr. Art Langer and his team of mentor CIOs from Columbia University Center for Technology Management.

Exclusive, invitation only events held worldwide. Masterclass is highly interactive and engaging.

Dr. Arthur M. Langer is the Director, Columbia University Center for Technology Management (CTM). Dr. Langer also consults with corporations and universities on information technology, staff development, management transformation, and curriculum development around the globe. See Art’s perspective creating a winning digital transformation strategy.


The Columbia University Center for Technology Management has over 230 technology mentors, who are high-level executives and skilled practitioners, from multiple industries across the globe.

Professionals have earned the MS in Technology Management degree

Professionals have gone through certificate programs

Nobel Prize winners are Columbia alumni, faculty or former faculty

Presidents and Prime Ministers attended Columbia


Learn how to anticipate and successfully address unexpected threats; mitigate the negative impacts of digital disruption;
transform your organization; and elevate your career. Discover what CXO Masterclass can do for you.


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