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End-user demands have evolved.

More and more organizations are allowing people to work from anywhere on any device—and they’re relying on IT to enable the change. But delivering applications securely at scale and giving users a flawless experience can be challenging without the right infrastructure.

Virtual Desktops and Apps Run Best on Nutanix

With Nutanix, you can deliver immersive, reliable, secure experiences to end users whether on-prem or in the cloud—with industry-leading VDI solutions from Citrix and VMware, and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) with Nutanix Xi Frame.

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure on Nutanix

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure on Nutanix

Provide secure access to desktops and apps with hyperconverged infrastructure.

Cut time to deploy by 61%

Add new users, apps, and services in minutes not months.

Reduce TCO by 60%

Cut your total cost of ownership by deploying on HCI.

Reduce downtime by 97%

Keep your users productive with always-on availability.

Slash support tickets by 80%

Keep users happy and reduce reliance on IT support.

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Desktop-as-a-Service: Meet Frame

Desktop-as-a-Service: Meet Frame

Deliver secure access to applications, desktops, and data from any browser.

Pay as You Grow

Frame is the only true pay-as-you-go cloud platform—you are charged only for infrastructure you actually use.

Choose Your Infrastructure

Deliver desktop-as-a-service via your pick of leading platforms including Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP, or Nutanix.

Start Fast, Stay Fast

Add new end-users, applications, and services in minutes.

Secure Users on Any Device

With no data to protect at rest, Frame provides maximum security and zero server footprint.

End-user Computing—On Your Terms

End-user Computing—On Your Terms

Enjoy all the benefits of Nutanix on whichever VDI or DaaS platform you choose.

Start fast, stay fast

Reduce management costs by 70%, deploy apps and desktops 8x faster, and scale to thousands of users for Citrix environments.

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Secure desktop and application access

Enable a consistent experience while scaling from 100s to 1,000s of users, enjoy a significantly lower TCO, and provision end-user desktops in minutes.

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Elastic cloud consumption

Go from 0 to production in 97% less time for virtual app and desktop delivery, and create virtual workspaces for teams, customers, and partners in under an hour.

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End-user Computing for Dummies eBook

The goal of end-user computing hasn’t changed, but new technologies and IT environments have—meaning enterprises need to update the EUC experience. Take a look at this comprehensive guide to VDI and DaaS, including pointers for determining which solution is right for you, deployment best practices, and insights on EUC economics.

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Let’s get together.

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