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General Session: Opening Keynote

The app and data explosion continues while many organizations are rebalancing workloads across on-prem, public and managed clouds and the edge. Adding in the latest trends in Gen AI and modern, containerized apps is driving new considerations for designing, managing and optimizing your operating environments. Don’t miss the industry, thought and business leaders that will join us to discuss how you can make big things possible and how we can help you make hybrid multicloud simplified. You'll hear from customers themselves as they share their journey to a hybrid mulitcloud platform as well as new developments in the critical ecosystem of hybrid multicloud partnerships driving cloud solutions. We'll cap it off with special guest F1 champion Sebastian Vettel who left the world’s #1 sport to race against climate change.

General Session: Morning Keynote

Get ready to experience the latest innovations in cloud, infrastructure, management, data services and platform development needed to manage across clouds. Join key technologists and executives from Nutanix and other industry experts as they walk through the latest advancements in hybrid multicloud platform technologies. Experience the simplicity of Nutanix Cloud Platform through customer insights and demos and find out for yourself why Nutanix has consistently achieved a 90+ NPS score. You'll gain valuable insights and advice to help you get cloud complexity under control. This is the session you have been waiting for the entire year!

General Session: Evening Keynote

We will round out the conference by starting with customer perspectives and hearing how they are leveraging Nutanix to meet their business goals. We’ll follow up by diving into all things AI! You'll hear from our lead AI technologist as he discusses how to harness this innovation, what the future may hold and key considerations with a dedicated AI industry expert panel. Then guest speaker Dr. Anne-Marie Imafadon will discuss AI and the future of work, and how diversity, risk, and opportunity are connected.

Breakout Sessions

Beating Your Competition to Market with AI/ML-Powered Solutions

Database Migration Mastery: Strategies for Database Migration Success

Nutanix Unified Storage Architecture Deep Dive

Beyond Just the Basics: Nutanix Backup Strategies & Power of Partnerships

Advanced Strategies for Securing Hybrid Multicloud Applications and Minimizing Threats

Elevating Nutanix Cloud-Native Portfolio: Our New Cloud-Native Products

Unlocking Efficiency: Hybrid Multicloud for your Unified Storage

Mejores Prácticas para Construir un Entorno Hybrid Multicloud Optimo y ágil (Spanish)

5 Ways to Approach AI Safety and Security

Why Nutanix is The Best Place to Run PostgreSQL

Empowering Platform Engineering Teams with Nutanix Database Service

A Database-as-a-Service with Nutanix Database Service Deep Dive

Business-Critical Applications At Scale: Ask Me Anything

Nutanix: The Best Platform to Run OpenShift or any Kubernetes Distribution?

Sustainable IT Basics and Beyond: The Path to Hybrid Cloud Harmony

AOS Performance Deep Dive

10 Years of AHV: Key Features and Milestones for AHV Enterprise Maturity

Mastering EUC Performance Optimization in the Nutanix Ecosystem

Build your Hybrid Multicloud with a Nutanix Elevate Service Provider

Craft Your Cloud Blueprint: Best Practices for Building an Optimal and Agile Hybrid Multicloud

Better Together: The Validated Design for Cisco and Nutanix

Cómo Conseguir un Almacenamiento Unificado más Eficiente Adoptando una Nube Híbrida (Spanish)

Sauvegarde et protection des données avec Nutanix : Introduction aux différents partenariats et technologies (French)

Unlocking the Potential of Nutanix Prism: A Blueprint for Efficiency and Scale

How to Play with Nutanix X-Play: Make Your Life Easier with Task Automation

Master Efficiency with Nutanix Cloud Platform Advanced Management Features

A Day in the Life of an AHV Administrator

Exploring Virtualization Alternatives: A Comprehensive Session on Migrating to Nutanix AHV

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