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  • Native Data Security
  • Data Lifecycle Management
  • Audit & Compliance

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Did you know global cyberattacks happen every 11 seconds! Nutanix Data Lens keeps you one step ahead of the bad guys to ensure your data is always protected. 

Detect, prevent, recover, and analyze cyberattacks against structured and unstructured data on Nutanix Files. 

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Data Security

- Detect zero-day and signature-based ransomware threats
- Block suspicious files and activity
- Monitor and generate security alerts on anomalous activity

Data Lifecycle Management

- Analyze data storage, consumption and growth
- Increase efficiency by identifying old, infrequently used, and irrelevant data
- Tier, delete or retain data based on enterprise policies

Audit and Compliance

- Audit and review user activity
- Generate reports on activity on data sets
- Provide compensating and monitoring controls required by regulatory frameworks

We needed a scalable solution that could give insight into our data, auto-tier older data to S3 where it would be easily accessible and empower our users to reclaim storage as we grow. Nutanix Data Lens helps us manage our big data assets across geo-located datacenters, so we remain compliant with our security policies for Ransomware protection - all from a single management view.

Garth Brockton, Group IT Manager at ARRB Systems RA, explains why they chose Data Lens

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