U.K. Organisations Board the Multicloud Train with Strong Cost Control Focus

Fourth Annual Enterprise Cloud Index (ECI) research indicates that the adoption of multiple clouds, private or public, is rigorously underway. Fueling it has been enterprises' realisation that to meet each workload's specific requirements for security, performance, cost, business continuity, and other factors, they must match each application to the infrastructure best suited to it. This selective optimisation requires the availability of multiple IT environments.

U.K. respondents represented the multicloud trend in above-average numbers. What follows is a closer look at ECI findings in the U.K. and how they compare to other regions.

1. Multicloud is the most deployed IT environment, and the U.K. is a leader in adoption

More than half of U.K. respondents (53%) said they were using multiple clouds today, substantially more than in the EMEA region and globally (Figure 1). The only other country of the 14 surveyed with greater multicloud penetration was Brazil (54%).

In addition, far more U.K. respondents (82%) said they intend to be using multiple clouds in the next one to three years than global respondents (64%) and those in other EMEA countries (65%). Just over one in five (21%) U.K. respondents said they're already using three or more public clouds. More than a third (34%) expect to be using three or more public clouds within the next three years.

Who's Using Multicloud?







Figure 1: Who's Using Multicloud?