Sizing HCI
Has Never Been

Get quick access to accurate, custom sizing information for your workloads.

  • Size for various design scenarios
  • Save workload details for later
  • Graphical, easy-to-view displays

Hyperconvergence Tailored to Your Needs

Covers Diverse Workloads

Find answers for all key workloads and applications, like VDI, SQL, Exchange, and way more. You’ll get insightful sizing recommendations for different initiatives side-by-side.

Effortless Scaling

Enjoy predictable, on-demand scaling for “what if” scenarios, and easily capture requirements with 1 click.

Accurate Planning

Take advantage of accurate cluster resource planning across various workloads and all HW vendors (17 total!). Simply input unique workload requirements for accurate sizing data.

Nutanix Sizer Lets You:

Try out various sizing scenarios with a visual display of the recommended nodes you’ll need in a cluster or rack.

Track estimated capacity utilization in a graphical bar chart display.

Leverage recommendations for VDI and server virtualization workloads.

Custom Solutions for Your Workload Needs

Pop in your requirements, and let it do the rest. Sizer will define your workload characteristics, deliver real-world sizing, and provide the right number of nodes you’ll need.

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“The Nutanix one-click upgrades are one of our favorite features. Our primary engineer loves to gather people around to see him click the button, and then sit back and watch the system upgrade itself.”

- Brian Oamek, Senior Enterprise IT Architect, Trek Bikes

“We originally planned to have around 280 VMs but that has already mushroomed to 340 plus with no performance issues. Moreover, even with that growth, we’ve got a couple of years storage capacity in hand.”

- David Sawyer, IT Technical Delivery Lead, Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Trust

“Sometimes we don’t even have to report an issue. I tweeted a small concern recently and next thing I knew a support ticket had been raised and the issue addressed. That’s what I call service!”

- Christian Pedersen, CEO, Zentura

Any Workload, Any Scale

Tailor Hyperconvergence to Fit Your Datacenter

Get quick access to accurate, custom sizing information for your workloads.