Hybrid Multicloud Capacity Planning Has Never Been Easier

Quickly get accurate and custom sizing information to your cloud workloads.

  • Size for all application workload types
  • Use existing workload utilization data
  • Support for on-premises and cloud infrastructures

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Hyperconvergence tailored to your needs

Covers Diverse Workloads

Get accurate cluster capacity planning for any application on any supported platform vendor, both on-premises and in the public cloud.

Effortless Scaling

Enjoy predictable, on-demand scaling for “what if” scenarios, and easily capture requirements with 1-click.

Accurate Planning

Easily input workload requirements manually for greenfield projects or use Nutanix Collector for fast utilization data capture of existing workloads.

Tailor hyperconvergence to fit your datacenter

Get quick access to accurate, custom sizing information for your workloads.