Automate Applications Across Clouds

Single pane for multi-cloud application automation, self-service, & orchestration.

  • Automation
  • Orchestration
  • Lifecycle Management

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Test Drive all aspects of the application lifecycle management: provisioning, scaling, and cleanup!

Automate Provisioning and Governance

Publish blueprints to different groups using a policy-driven model. Self-service automates and expedites application provisioning across teams while maintaining complete control and visibility over operations.

Manage Application Lifecycle with Ease

Simplify the setup and management of custom enterprise applications by incorporating all elements of each app into an easy-to-use-blueprint. By automating the deployment and lifecycle management of common applications, infrastructure teams can eliminate the hours and days devoted to routine application management.

Achieve Hybrid Cloud Orchestration

Automate the provisioning of your hybrid cloud, scaling both multi-tiered and distributed applications across different cloud environments. Use policy-based reporting for full visibility into the utilization and cost of your public cloud. Make smart application provisioning decisions based on business needs and budget requirements.

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